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Fish has been covering aviation and transportation security issues since September 15, 2001, after walking away from Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan following four days of documenting the worst aviation security disaster in history.

Having spent more than a decade-and-a-half as a full-time photojournalist, Fish now divides his time between building social media and social commerce strategies and solutions for global travel brands, along with researching aviation and transportation security.

Growing up at the end up New York's JFK International Airport's Runway 4R/22L probably explains Fish’s enjoyment of watching planes fly overhead. When not working or shooting photos, Fish can be found playing with (and cleaning up after) his three kids, chasing his dogs, standing in the kitchen cooking, monitoring radios public safety and federal radios and of course cheering for the Red Sox.

You can find Fish on Twitter at @flyingwithfish …and … join Fish every Thursday at 3:30pm EST as he hosts the weekly #TNI #Travel Chat on Twitter.

Archive for 2010

2010 : A Brief Year In Review

The last day of the year is a good time to stop, take a moment, and think back over the past year. It’s also probably not the best day to write about the year in review because you’re likely to forget a lot of things … but I’ll give it a shot anyway. 2010 was […]

iPad App of the Week : Portfolio for iPad

In the digital world online portfolios are rapidly replacing printed portfolios, yet photographers still have the need to present their work in person … and the desire to share their newly created images wherever they may be. The iPad is a fantastic tool for photographers, with new Apps being released constantly turning the iPad into […]

Frequent Flyer Miles, the insanity, the addiction … the documentary

While I am not mileage runner as an airline traveller I probably have what some may consider an unhealthy interest in gaining miles. I have been known to fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles using New York as my connection point, or fly to Hong Kong via Frankfurt to pick up a few thousand […]

Goodbye Kodachrome, You Inspired Generations Of Travel Photographers

Today is a sad day for photographers and anyone who has been inspired to see the world through photography.  Today, the 30th of December 2010 is the last day Kodachrome film will ever be processed anywhere in the world. Kodachrome plays a large role in my history as a photographer. As a kid my fascination […]

Debunking TSA Incidents – Passenger vs TSA & Austin Police

[EDIT FOR CORRECTION: 28-DECEMEMBER-2010 – 2:46PM EST – Original report stated Ms. Hirschkind refused the TSA AIT scanners, however AUS does not presently have AIT scanners] Last Wednesday, the 22nd of December, a disturbing news story about a woman with a pace maker, who is a rape survivor, being knocked to the ground, handcuffed, dragged […]

Let Your Kids Track Santa’s Flight Path With NORAD

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), comprised of the United States Military and Canadian Forces has an important job protecting the air space over North America … but one night out of the year NORAD repurposes its satellites, radar, distant early warning systems and airborne early warning aircraft with an even more important job […]

FAA Certifies New NextGen Santa Sleigh

It appears that Jolly Old Saint Nick has upgraded his sleigh this year and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  has certified the new NextGen Santa One.  With a glass cockpit and new steep approach rating it seems Santa will be able to deliver gifts to good boys and girls around the world this year with […]

New TSA Directive For Christmas : Explosive Swabs of Sippy Cups

Just in time for Christmas, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has added a new directive to its front line playbook. This morning, the 23rd of December, the TSA began mandatory explosive trace detection (ETD) on all thermoses and insulated children’s’ sippy cups. While thermoses and sippy cups must be empty when passing through an airport […]

iPad App of the Week – Targus Stylus (its not an app)

Since I first received my iPad I’ve thought it was a near perfect device for so many things … I didn’t know what I was missing until earlier this week when I received a new accessory, an accessory I didn’t know I even needed.  This accessory has made using the iPad even easier … something […]

Reader Mail : Why Are TSA Searches Legal?

It’s been a while since I’ve dug into reader mail … but an email yesterday caught my eye.  Michael Rogers, from New York, asks, “Is there a legal case for the TSA to go through every item in my bag? Last week in Detroit I had every item in my bag inspected, why are TSA […]