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An Airline Ad Gone Wrong

6/2/2010 – An Airline Ad Gone Wrong

Advertising by nature is intended to catch your attention.

Airlines, and all businesses, create a brand presence to attract consumers. Through branding businesses create slogans, themes, concepts and ads for different venues, different mediums and different target demographics. None of this is new, none of this is not common knowledge…however once in a while you have to look at an advertisement, scratch your head and think, “What the heck were the thinking?”

Well, thanks to browsing the content on a blog I frequently read, The Flying Pinto, whom I have referenced before on Flying With Fish … and whose author Sara has written guests posts for Flying With Fish…I found an ad for Turkish Airlines that really caught my attention!

In looking at this ad for Turkish Airlines on the side of an escalator I have to wonder which advertising designer thought it was a good idea to have an airplane flying straight into the ground. I also have to wonder which advertising executive OK’d this ad.

For future reference, and this goes for all airlines, when you place a vertical ad for your airline, try and ensure your airplanes are facing up, soaring into the sky … rather than facing down and crashing into the ground.

Happy Flying (well flying up…not down)!

9 Responses

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  2. I am sure they just saw the ad horizontal and authorized it, but no one thought about where it was going to go.

    Even so, once they saw the outcome, they should have pulled it.

  3. That definitely should be pulled – theres enough people scared of flying now – but still very funny.

  4. It’s Mall Branding activity in Muscat. The artwork is prepared by the local agency but the one in the picture is not the approved one and it is taken out two days after the implementation.

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  6. […] design it so the plane goes into the floor? Why not point the plane up, going into the sky? Source: Flying with Fish via The Flying […]

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  8. “Hi

    I work for the agency in Muscat and I can confirm that this was due to the supplier positioning the poster incorrectly. As soon as we were aware of the mistake, it was taken down. It had nothing to with Turkish Airlines.”

    Thank you

    Adam Byairs
    Zeenah Group

  9. Adam,

    Thanks for the reply. I know these issues occur and the spectrum of things it is not a big deal.

    Happy Flying!


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