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Airport Waypoints That Will Make You Laugh

Airline passengers around the world have long since laughed at unusual airport codes, which I previously wrote about here, Reader Mail : What Are Some Funny & Odd Airport Codes? When your airport’s slogan is “Fly SUX,” such as Sioux City’s Sioux Gateway Airport, it is hard not to laugh.


While airline passengers can easily find humour in airport codes, there is also humor and local flavour to be found in the skies above these airports for pilots making their way through navigational waypoints, flying in and out of airports around the world.


For aircraft approaching Boston’s Logan International Airport for example the waypoints include local sports teams, landmarks and a joke aimed at a Senator.   Some of the waypoints for Logan Airport include HAVRD YAARD, BGDIG, CELTS, BOSOX and … wait for it … DRUNK.


Much like Boston, Chicago shows its love for its hometown sports teams with waypoints named KUBBS and BEARS just off of Soldier Field.


Aircraft approaching Australia’s Brisbane Airport find themselves navigating waypoints such as LEAKY, BOATS, SINNK, DRAIN, PLUGG.


On the opposed coast of Australia from Brisbane, the approach into Perth International Airport is WONSA, JOLLY, SWAGY CAMBS, BUIYA, BYLLA, BONGS, UNDER, ACOOL, EBARR, TREES.


Flying to Moscow’s Domodedovo International Airport? You may need to make steep left turn at SATAN on your final approach.


Pilots headed into New Hampshire’s Pease International Tradeport and Air National Guard Base need to watch out of Sylvester The Cat, as they make their way through a warning from Tweety Bird. The approach into Pease’s Runway 16 is ITAWT ITAW PUDYE TTATT IDEED.


Flying north past Pease International Tradeport up to Lebanon, New Hampshire? Check your map for HAMMM BURGER FRYYS as you head towards Lebanon Municipal Airport’s Runway 18.


Like the smell of good barbecue that is known to waft over Kansas City? Then set a couse for Kansas City International Airport’s Runway 1R and line up on SPICY BARBQ TERKY SMOKE RIBBS.


Flying into Key West Florida? Watch out for the waypoint intersection named DROWN.


While many find Copenhagen to be a lovely city, others may think differently, as a final waypoint into their International Airport is known as ITSUX.


Green Bay, Wisconsin, isn’t exactly known for its warm weather and has named approach waypoint accordingly. Aircraft follow FRZZN and TNDRA into Austin Straubel International Airport’s Runway 6.


Portland International Airport’s Runway 10L takes pilots down TRAYL BLAZR.


If you are a fan of Charlie Brown, and really who isn’t, fly out of Charles Schultz Sonoma County Airport  and let SNUPY guide your way out into the wild blue yonder.


The Irish love their Guinness Beer and for those headed to Dublin Airport over the Irish Sea GINIS will take you where you’re headed.


… and we’ll finish it up with the home airport to the most recognizable aircraft in the world, Air Force One. The line up for Andrews Air Force Base’s Runway 19R is DUBYA, BUUSH, FORRD, RREGN.


Next time you think government agencies around the world that oversee the aviation industry have no sense of humor … think again.


Happy Flying!



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  1. Randolph AFB control tower is called Hangover Tower.

  2. The Mickey arrival into Orlando. Or the Pluto and Daffy intersection.

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  4. New Waypoints for the ILS 23 at KMMU, Morristown, NJ approach….BADDA…BINGG…. that is PRICELESS!!!

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