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AA Unions Support US Airways Bid For American

US Airways’ management and it’s labour unions are at odds with each other on a good day, especially with the bitter merger between America West and US Airways, but the airline has managed to win the support of three major American Airlines unions in regard to a potential bid by US Airways to take over American Airlines.


As American Airlines’ parent corporation AMR remains focused on strengthening the company to emerge from bankruptcy as a solid company, labour remains focused on next week’s hearings that may allow AMR to terminate their existing labour contracts.


American Airlines unions support the potential take over  based on the US Airways’ promise to undo AMR’s shedding of jobs, although how much of US Airways’ intent is rooted in rhetoric rather than reality would remain to be seen should the two airlines combine to become one.


Interestingly, the Association of Flight Attendants, which represents AMR regional carrier American Eagle, supports US Airways taking over American Airlines, as AMR continues to explore selling off American Eagle from the company.


Will AMR’s board and stakeholders fight or embrace the consolidating of the two carriers?  Their decision will be based on the best perceived financial outcome, and that has not been determined.


Happy Flying!




Fellow BoardingArea.com blogger Mike Reed, author of Getting Status, writes a different point of view on AA Unions’ supporting US Airways’ bid for American Airlines today as well … take a look – AA Flight Attendant files brief decrying APFA union


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  1. You should probably check out my latest post… looks like that support may just be voicing by union leaders and not completely representative of the rank and file. Perhaps a cross-post note on each of our blogs to the other’s post, to get both sides of the story?


  2. […] FlyingWithFish has a post today, also, with the APFA voicing support for a US merger/takeover bid, likely a result of this brief becoming public and demonstrating eroded support from their members […]

  3. This merger will end up with job cuts what ever US airways says now. There will more aircraft serving the same routes so of course few aircraft will be needed and of course fewer crews . I am also certain there will be too many staff at all levels of this huge new airline why else do airlines merge but to cut costs and increase profits ? Not that I will be flying this airline I have heard the service is not best and there better airlines to fly in the US.

  4. […] from bankruptcy and US Airways seeking to merge with the weakened airline.   While on paper the US Airways merger makes sense, and has won the backing of a number of the American Airlines’ u…he reality of this merger could kill what American Airlines has been moving towards, inside and […]

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