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Having spent more than a decade-and-a-half as a full-time photojournalist, Fish now divides his time between building social media and social commerce strategies and solutions for global travel brands, along with researching aviation and transportation security.

Growing up at the end up New York's JFK International Airport's Runway 4R/22L probably explains Fish’s enjoyment of watching planes fly overhead. When not working or shooting photos, Fish can be found playing with (and cleaning up after) his three kids, chasing his dogs, standing in the kitchen cooking, monitoring radios public safety and federal radios and of course cheering for the Red Sox.

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Mitt Romney’s quote on airplane windows … what’s your punch line?

It is not often a politician makes an aviation comment that is too good to pass up … but … this past Saturday night, the 22nd of September, while Mitt Romney spoke to a group of 1,500 supporters at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, he made such a comment.


As Mr. Romney briefly discussed his wife Ann Romney’s aircraft making an emergency landing, a day earlier, due to an electrical malfunction, resulting in no loss of aircraft or injuries to passengers and crew, Mr. Romney stated:


“When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly, there’s no — and you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.”

Forget the fact that jet aircraft cabins are pressurized and opening a window would be catastrophic, because if you read Flying With Fish, you probably have some sense of the science and physics of aerospace … so let’s skip the humour in Mr. Romney’s comment. There are so many punch lines that can come from Mr. Romney’s comments on jet aircraft cabin windows not opening … mine is,  Everyone knows you just open the door … duh!”


But rather than run through all the punch lines running through my head … and there are many … what punch line can you think of?


Let’s not make this political, because for me, regardless of political party, this comment is fair play because it is to darn funny to have coming out of a national political candidate’s mouth.


Happy Flying!



19 Responses

  1. opening windows? You have to pay extra for that.

  2. lol, hopefully we don’t get a president dumber than W. We need some sort of minimum IQ requirement for elected officials.

  3. maybe the windows on his private jet open? :)

  4. i want a convertible jet!

  5. …because nothing puts out a fire faster than some fresh oxygen. Doh!

  6. Are we not picking up on the sarcasm here or just out to bash Romney?

  7. @HikerT: You mean the only president, even with an MBA… and one from Harvard at that? Yep, he’s stupid, all right.

    Punhcline: Mitt – Not Feelin’ The Pressure!

  8. @HikerT: You mean the only president, ever, with an MBA… and one from Harvard at that? Yep, he’s stupid, all right.

    Punhcline: Mitt – Not Feelin’ The Pressure!

  9. Kris,

    Had Obama made this comment I’d have been all over it as well. FWF is not a political platform and don’t assume to know my political leanings. What it may seem isn’t exactly accurate.

    I just can’t believe someone running for president would stand before 1500 people and make a comment such as this. It’s perfect for Jay Leno and every other late night comedian.

    Happy Flying!

    – Fish

  10. I know you say you are an independent, but based on your political tweets, it would lead anyone to believe you are a Democrat. Regardless, it’s sarcasm, what is so wrong with that?

  11. Kris,

    On many issues I am far from being a democrat, however on many issues at this time I am far from being a Republican.

    Either way, Romney’s comment in the sphere of aviation was too good to pass up.

    Happy Flying!


  12. Mike Reed – George W. Bush has an MBA from Yale.

  13. Only the windows in our First Class cabin open. For our Economy cabin, we offer cups of air at no additional cost.

    Non-opening windows: The only reason my dog refuses to fly!

  14. Sudden decompression of cabin atmosphere has been portrayed on how many movies over the years? How naive this man is, or he’s putting on the public to appeal to the lowest common denominator of his base in a move to win points again in desperation. Just amazing at how unsophisticated Romney is on so many issues–sophomoric indeed, and frighteningly unfit for a job at this crucial level.

  15. Does he want the crank withdows or upgraded to the push button windows?
    Push buttons in first class only. :)

  16. @Nancy – No, his undergrad BA was Yale. His MBA is Harvard.

    Punchline: It’s okay, I’m a politician, so my wife is used to hot air and blown smoke!

  17. I love how the media didn’t take his comment in context. It was wrapped up with other jokes, so pretty obvious this was a joke also. Good thing the media doesn’t have an agenda…….

  18. Next he will be asking why is there no windows in submarines ? :-)

  19. Which is scarier: he doesn’t understand how planes work or doesn’t understand how fire works?

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