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Steven Frischling, aka: Fish, is globe hopping professional photographer, airline emerging media consultant working with large global airlines and founder of The Travel Strategist. Fish has racked up more than 1,000,000 miles since he started to track his mileage in 2005.

Fish's travel tends to be less than leisurely, including flying from New York to Basrah, Iraq, for six hours; Hong Kong for eight hours, Kuwait City for two hours and traveling around the world in 3.5 days to shoot a series of photo assignments in 4 cities and 4 countries on 3 separate continents.

Fish grew up at the end of New York's JFK International Airport's Runway 4R/22L, which probably explains his enjoyment of watching planes, fly overhead. When not shooting photos or traveling Fish designs camera bags, hones is expertise on airline security and spends his time at home cheering for the Red Sox with his 3 kids 102 yards from the ocean.

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TSA Updates Electronics Power Up Security Measures At U.S. Airports & Who’s Behind It

Earlier today I posted … TSA’s Electronics Power Up Security Procedure Implemented In U.S. Airports & Why Its A Sham … discussing the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) new security procedures being implemented not overseas, but in the United States, requiring “selectee” travelers to power up their electronics airport security check points. Under today’s changes to […]

TSA’s Electronics Power Up Security Procedure Implemented In U.S. Airports & Why Its A Sham

This past week it became widely known that the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) had begun a new security measure to be implemented at a number of overseas airports requiring passenger power up their electronics before boarding flights bound for the United States. The TSA’s new security procedure, to be carried out by foreign aviation […]

Are Airlines Fixing Planes With Duct Tape? No … and … It Ain’t News

Yesterday evening as I settled in for a long exciting night of rereviewing a 100+ slide PowerPoint presentation … yes, this is how I was spending my Saturday night … a CBS News story caught my attention shortly after 11:00pm. The story headline was “Woman Claims Duct Tape Used To Fix Plane’s Windshield.” CBS News […]

So You Think You Had A Rough Landing?

We’ve all flown on flights with rough landings, and heard stories from our friends, families and colleagues about flights they have taken with rough landings … but consider the challenge of landing a McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II on board a moving ship with no nose gear. Below is a video of Captain William Mahoney, […]

Some Friday Flying Music … Foo Fighters Learn To Fly

Travel and music go hand in hand and sometimes you just need to laugh at the airline passenger experience … so … without further interruption, the Foo Fighters’ Learn To Fly.   Happy Flying!   @flyingwithfish  

Delta Works To Trademark “The World’s Most Trusted Airline”

Airlines, like all businesses, are protective of their image and work hard to promote their business, however Delta Air Lines may have recently taken marketing chutzpah to a whole new level. Delta Air Lines is planning a new marketing campaign around the slogan “The World’s Most Trusted Airlines.” The new slogan poses some significant trust […]

The #TNI #Travel Chat Join Us Today To For China & The Legendary Silk Road

Clear your schedule for today, the 12th of June, at 3:30pm EDT (UTC-4) for a journey through culture and history as the weekly  Travelers’ Night In (#TNI) Travel Chat on Twitter explores China and The Legendary Silk Road with the Chinese National Tourism Office.   The Silk Road, which first became a travel route around 206 […]

Who To Complain To About Baggage Policies & Fees … Not Who You’d Think

When you, the passenger, complain about checked baggage rules, carry on regulations and anything baggage related, do you know who oversees the regulations?  Probably not, because it is not one agency in the United States and the rules are not implemented in some cases by a regulatory governing body, only enforced by them   There […]

Get Ready To Rock Out During The #TNI #Travel Chat As We Discuss Travel Music

Every journey has a sound track … maybe even including Journey … and whether consciously or subconsciously music is with us as we travel.   Come join the #TNI #Travel Chat today, June 5th,  at 3:30pm EDT (UTC-4) and get ready to share the music that is your constant companion, the music you have discovered […]

Top 8 Ways How To NOT Talk To An Airline Employee

Yesterday fellow BoardingArea blogger Marshall Jackson wrote “Advice on How to Talk to an Airline Employee From an ex-Airline Employee,” which is really a good read, but it got me thinking.   Travel can be stressful, things can happen quickly that are unfavourable for passengers, sometimes due to their mistakes, sometimes due to circumstances out […]