10-February-2007 : Book Now….Book Later….Book Now….Book Later….

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10-February-2007 : Book Now….Book Later….Book Now….Book Later….

We all want the best deal for our airline tickets. Travel is not inexpensive, but most of us have the urge to want to book our travel “right now.” You get a job in a cool location, you just want to know your tickets are there and waiting. Most people assume the lowest fares are booked the furthest number of days away from the date of travel…….well it just ain’t true.

I recently found a new web site FareCast : www.farecast.com , which is only in it’s Beta stage, that not only shows you fares for select city pairs, but it also predicts if the fares will go up or down!

Airlines hold seats back at various fare classes. A flight can have have 10 Q class seats, 10 T class seats and 10 W class seats, however on the day you are booking the airline may have only released 6 Q class seats, 7 T class seats and 5 W class seats,which leaves the airline open to release the other fare buckets (seats) at a later date. I have found the accuracy of FareCast’s Beta version to be quite reliable over the past few weeks I have been playing with it.

Of course if you are concerned about your booking class (Y, B, Q, T, W, etc) then this probably isn’t the best site for you. Then again if you know what a Y, B, Q, T, W, booking class is you probably don’t need FareCast

One a side note, one fare class you will never find again in all it’s grandness is the “R” class. This code was reserved for seats sold on The Concorde. While some airlines now offer an “R” class ticket it is now a discounted economy fare. What a major step down from the Grand Daddy of all luxury aircraft.

Happy Flying

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