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10/10/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Loyalty Can Save You Money : Stay Safe In New Places : TSA Thief Busted : Securing Checked Bags :Meals Goes Green

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10/10/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Loyalty Can Save You Money : Stay Safe In New Places : TSA Thief Busted : Securing Checked Bags :Meals Goes Green

This week Flying With Fish has significantly been dedicated to staying safe while traveling. The common thread between Tuesday and Wednesday was not intentional; however with the single largest bust of a TSA Screener for theft lead me to stay on this topic.

Traveling with valuable items can be challenging and my goal this week has been to keep the readers of Flying With Fish informed on how to stay safe. These topics included working in an unfamiliar environment, staying informed on a TSA screener creating a one-man crime spree, and how to ensure your locked baggage stays locked when traveling with valuable items. Just be aware that the Lightsaber iPhone ‘App’ is not a viable option for protecting yourself on the road.

Before diving into this weeks weekly round up, I like to stick a reminder in that the Get Up & Fly Single Day Boot Camps scheduled for November 7th, departing early in the morning from JFK Airport and November 13th late in the evening from LAX, both still have space available. The cost of the Boot Camp is $1250 and includes all airfare expenses, an over priced airline snack box on the daytime flight, and a Mountainsmith Tour waist pack (which you’ll receive before the Boot Camp to pack it up and bring it with you). For more detailed information please visit www.comeflywithfish.com

Not addressed this week on Flying With Fish is why I think American Airlines’ new ‘unbundled’ fare structure will ultimately work against the airline. You can read excepts of my opinion exclusively on AeroChannel in this article a: http://aerochannel.com/features/4891678

…………..now onto the week in review!

This week kicked off with a suggestion for flyers to choose a frequent flyer program and stick with it. With the rising cost of travel, loyalty to an airlines frequent flyer program can save you as much as 5%-to-7%. You don’t even need to fly the airline of your frequent flyer program; you can fly any airline within the alliance and gain miles, and in the process reduce your travel expenses. To learn more about saving money through frequent flyer loyalty check out: 6/10/2008 – Save Money By Being A Loyal Frequent Flyer

Working in new and unfamiliar places is fun and exciting. The world is out there for you to explore and you should pack up and go! Working in an unfamiliar place can also cause you to stop paying attention and put you at risk for becoming the target of a thief. You can pick up some tips on ways to stay focused and reduce your chances of being the object of a thief’s attention in this post: 7/10/2008 – Staying Safe In An Unfamiliar Environment: Don’t Be A Lost Tourist

The big news this week on Flying With Fish was the reporting of the US Department of Homeland Security’s Office of the Inspector General making the single largest theft bust in the Transportation Security Administration’s six-year history. My reporting of this story has been picked up and reproduced in a number outlets, both travel and photography. Including Popular Photography and AeroChannel. To find out how many cameras were found in the TSA screeners house when it was raided visit : 7/10/2008 – Airport TSA Security Screener Busted For One-Man Theft Ring

Following the single largest theft bust in the TSA’s history, surprisingly allegedly carried out by a single TSA screener, I detailed a last resort tactic for travelers (ONLY when traveling domestically within the United States) to securely lock their valuables in checked baggage when the need arises. You can find out what you can do here: 8/10/2008 – Protecting Your Sensitive Valuables In Checked Baggage: A Last Resort

This week’s iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week is just pure whimsy. The ‘App’ Of The Week is Lightsaber. What does this iPhone ‘App’ do? Turns your iPhone into a Lightsaber. This may not be great for protecting your baggage, it probably won’t help you be more productive while traveling, but so what? This ‘App’ will help you pass the time, and have some fun. Check it out in this post (you know you want to!): 9/10/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week: Lightsaber

What can China Airlines do to help reduce its carbon emissions and create a smaller carbon footprint for its self? It can change its in-flight menu! This alternative thinking is brilliant. Curious how a changed menu can reduce China Airlines carbon footprint? Check here: 10/10/2008 – China Airlines Reduces Its Carbon Footprint In A Unique Way

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Thats it for this week!

Happy Flying!

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