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1/08/2008-The Weekly Round Up : Travel Sized Essentials; Check-In Kiosk Theft; iPhone App Of The Week; Emirates Goes Off Line; Your Laptop & US Custom

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1/08/2008-The Weekly Round Up : Travel Sized Essentials; Check-In Kiosk Theft; Flying With Fish Community; iPhone App Of The Week; Flying With Fish On The Air; Emirates Goes Off Line; US Customs Policy On Searching Your Data

What a seemingly long week it has been. The airline industry stocks have risen slightly with the minor drop in oil prices, yet airlines such as Northwest Airlines have announced increased in airfares. This week I’ve written about thieves stealing from passengers while never setting foot in the airport and a major international airline making a major marketing mistake in the middle of their most important marketing campaign.

Diversity in stories makes what I do a little more fun sometimes

This week began with a trivial topic of being able to find travel sized ‘creature comforts,’ at an online shop that only sells travel sized essentials…..and not so essentials. To find out more on where to find your travel sized essentials and creature comforts check out: 28/07/2008 – One Stop Shopping For Travel Sized Essentials

When many travelers check-in at the airport they think nothing of using their credit card in the machine to verify their identity. Recently a security breach has been found in some check-in kiosks at Toronto’s Pearson Airport (YYZ) that might make travelers rethink their choice in using a credit card to check in. Find out more about this here:
29/07/2008 – Are Thieves Using Self Check-in Kiosks?

This past week I started thinking about creating a community where readers of Flying With Fish could share information among themselves. The world is a small community, and shared information is a valuable asset to those heading out on the road. Interested in joining a free community of like-minded travelers? Find out how to join the ‘Travel_Planning‘ community on LiveJournal in this post: 30/07/2008 – Flying With Fish Community For LiveJournal Users

I was recently given an iPhone (original iPhone) to start using as an effective travel tool. This week was my first entry of “iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week.” This will hopefully become a regular series on Flying With Fish. This new series kicked off with the Travelocity App. Find out why I like the Travelocity App for life on the road here: 30/07/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : iPhone Tools For Road Warriors

On Thursday I was contacted by the Charles Adler Show, a popular talk radio show that is broadcast through Canada to be a guest on the show. The topic is one I have discussed often on Flying With Fish, airport thefts and how to protect yourself. I should have an audio clip of the show shortly and will post in when I receive it. To learn more about the how visit this entry: 31/07/2008 – Flying With Fish Featured On A Canadian National Radio Show Today……Tune In!

I ended July with a post that should remind anyone to go check their domain expiration dates! This past week while Emirates was in the midst of their largest marketing campaign ever to publicize the launch of their Airbus A380 service between Dubai (DXB) and New York (JFK) they failed to renew their domain name. When potential passengers logged onto the airline’s website they were briefly met by a generic domain host placeholder page. To read more on this subject, and see screen shots of both the ‘place holder’ page and the current web page click on: 31/07/2008 – Emirates ‘Goes Off Line’ (no, they didn’t go out of business……just off line)

Since a 2006 ruling by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, US Customs and Boarder Protection (US CBP) Agents have the authority to search all electronic materials entering the United States without probably cause. This has been an on going concern that for some reason finally made the cover of The Washington Post today. While many have been following the potential problems this authorization by the US CBP may have for travelers it seems that now it is now finally come into the view of the ‘mainstream media.’ To find out some options you may have to safe guard your data check here:
1/08/2008 – US Customs Has The Right To Search Your Laptop Without Cause : What You Can Do

For those of you looking for topics not covered this week, why not check out two cool ‘how to’ articles on Popular Photography’s web site (one is really a ‘how not to’ article)? Check out the two articles by clicking the links below
Six Vacation Photos That Can Kill You
Five Out Of The Ordinary Photo Trips

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Happy Flying!

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