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15/08/2008-The Weekly Round Up: Is "Clear" Secure? : Proper Jetiquette : Duct Tape : Carry-on Bag Sizing : Lonely Planet iPhone App : Fish On The Move

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15/08/2008-The Weekly Round Up : Is “Clear” Secure? : Proper Jetiquette : Duct Tape : Carry-on Bag Sizing : Lonely Planet iPhone App : Fish On The Move

This week ends with Flying With Fish swimming into new waters. If you surf over to www.flyingwithfish.com between 5:00pm EST/10:00pm GMT today and sometime on Sunday and don’t see the site DO NOT PANIC! Flying With Fish is simply changing web-hosts. If you e-mail me this weekend chances are I won’t see it until Monday on my Blackberry. You can still view the site at : http://flyingwithfish.blogspot.com

To read more about Fish on the move, both online and off-line (not only am I getting a new online home, but I am getting a new home for my family this weekend as well!) feel free to check out: 15/08/2008 – Flying With Fish Is Moving!

This week started off with Verified Identity Pass (VIP) finding its missing laptop containing more the personal information of more than 30,000 ‘Clear Card’ patron enrolled in the Registered Traveler Program. The loss and ‘miraculous’ recovery of this laptop with non-encrypted data puts the overall security and trust we place in this system at critical risk. Find out why I question VIP’s security of secure data as it related to the Registered Traveler program here: 9/08/2008 – Stolen ‘Registered Traveler’ Laptop Found, But Is The Data Safe?

I have discussed passenger etiquette multiple times on Flying With Fish. I am a firm believer in being courteous and practicing basic etiquette while flying which is why I love the “Jetiquette Card.” You can check out the Jetiquette Card, as brought to you by The Sky Steward (www.skysteward.com), and print one our for yourself by clicking on this link: 11/08/2008 – The “Jetiquette” Card : Passenger Etiquette Revisited

Looking for a simple solution to quickly identifying your bags? I have discussed baggage identification and labeling quite a few times to quickly spot your bags and deter airport thieves………now read up on the extremely simple tools to label my bags by reading this post: 12/08/2008 – Baggage Identification With Duct Tape : A Simple Solution

With more than 10,000 laptops being lost at airports each week in the United States learn a simple technique to significantly increase your chances of being reunited with your laptop in this entry: 13/08/2008 – Don’t Lose Your Laptop In The Airport (and if you do get it back again)

Is your roll-aboard bag legal for carry-on while flying on international flights? You might be surprised. Learn how to measure your bags for international carry-on specifications here: 14/08/2008 – Is Your Carry-On Bag Legal For ‘International’ Carry-On? Maybe Not

This week’s iPhone ‘App’ of the Week is ideal for travelers who want a powerful tool to help them communicate in a foreign land. Lonely Planet’s Audio Phrasebooks are top notch! Navigate the Lonely Planet Mandarin Audio Phrasebook here: 14/08/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Lonely Planet Mandarin Audio Phrasebook

I’m off to finish packing up, wake up in one house to go photograph a wedding and return to an entirely different house to go to sleep when I’m done!

I’ll have regular access to internet again in a week when it is all set up in the new house…………….so please bare with me if there are gaps in my posts next week.

Happy Flying!

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