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17/10/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Fuel Surcharges; Booking To Soon? : Baggage Theft Blame Game : TSA Approves Jewish Holiday! : etc etc etc

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17/10/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Fuel Surcharges; Booking To Soon? : Baggage Theft Blame Game : TSA Approves Jewish Holiday! : etc etc etc

The leaves are turning, the air is cooling and when I look up in the sky I see long while contrails sweeping across the sky as flight pass by headed out over the Atlantic Ocean. This is the season when many begin to plan their winter vacation travel and long for their summer vacation.

This week I addressed the question of how far out is to far out to book flights with the instability of airlines these days. I also questioned when airlines might lower their fuel surcharges as the cost of fuel continues to drop. These issues are important when planning your winter and summer vacation plans.

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My question of airline fuel surcharges just couldn’t wait for Monday, so I kicked off this week on Saturday. After reading up on cost of fuel, the following airlines dropping fuel surcharges and others adding fuel surcharges, I started to crunch the numbers associated with Northwest Airlines’ Cargo reducing its fuel surcharge. By the time I was done I decided I needed to write about it……so around 5:30am I got up and wrote the following post: 11/10/2008 – Some Airlines Reduce Fuel Surcharges : Will US Passenger Airlines Follow?

The airline industry is currently in flux is it wise to book your summer flights far in advance? British airlines Air Southwest is better on passengers booking their summer flights now,however I am cautious when booking flights so far in advance. For more info check out: 13/10/2008 – Book Early For The Best Prices? : Maybe Not The Best Idea

Theft from baggage is not only mentally upsetting , but it also frustrating when you try and fill out of claim. The airline blames the TSA, the TSA blames the airlines, at worst they both blame a third party contractor. To find out who you should contact if there is theft from your bag check here: 14/10/2008 – Missing Items From Checked Baggage : Who Do You Contact?

This week Verified Identity Pass (VIP) announced that they would be significantly raising the cost of using their Registered Traveler “Clear” card. As the costs of Clear go up, my confidence in the system has been going down. Find out why I think ‘Clear’ is not worth the costs: 15/10/2008 – Registered Traveler ‘Clear’ Card Fee Goes Up To US$199: Is This Worth It? I Think Not

What happens when two planes experience the nearly identical computer anomalies over a remote section of Australia? You look into some unusual potential causes…..such as looking at the electro-magnetic interference caused by a classified military radio tower that stands 20 feet taller than the Empire State Building. Interested? Read more here: 15/10/2008 – Can A ‘Classified’ Military Radio Tower Bring Down A Plane? : I Almost Has…..Twice

One of my favourite holidays as always been Sukkot. The Jewish holiday follows the ‘high holy’ holidays and it is a fun and happy festival. Last week the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration publicly stated that they do not believe the fruits and branches used while celebrating Sukkot posed security risk to commercial aviation. I have to tell you, I was worried that I might get busted for flying with a lulav branch and a ripe etrog………OK, no I wasn’t. For a good laugh read here: 16/10/2008 – The Jewish Holiday Of Sukkot Is Not A Threat To Airline Security According To The Department Of Homeland Security

Running late? Find out if your flight is as well with this week’s iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week “Airport Status.” The ‘App’ is easy to use and very reliable. Check Airport Status out here: 16/10/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Airport Status

An airlines’ primary responsibility is safety. The airline must operate its aircraft safely and make sure their passengers arrive safely. The FAA’s job is to oversee the airlines and make sure they operate safely and their aircraft are safe. The NTSB’s job is to investigate accidents and incidents. Well this week the NTSB has suggest that the FAA begin detailed inspections of one of the most widely used engines on Boeing 757-200/757-300 aircraft…..which is one of the most popular passenger planes operated in the United States. Find out what caused the NTSB to make its recommendation to the TSA in this entry: 16/10/2008 – NTSB Finds Missing Parts In Multiple 757 Engines

Virgin America was rated #1 by Conde Nast Traveler readers. There are many factors that lead me to question this ranking. Find out why I question this by clicking here: 17/10/2008 – Virgin America Top U.S. Airline According To Conde Nast……but how?

The seasons are changing so go grab your camera and explore the world around you.

Happy Flying!

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