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19/09/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Frequent Flyer Choices Pt1 : Packing Your Cameras : Credit Cards & Int’l Travel : Round-the-World Workshop & more!

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19/09/2008 – The Weekly Round Up : Frequent Flyer Choices Pt 1 : Packing Your Cameras : Credit Cards & Int’l Travel : Round-the-World Workshop & more!

This week’s Weekly Round up comes to you from Seat 13A on board a US Airways A321 as I cruise past Pennsylvania heading out to San Francisco.

During my layover I had some fun reading Mark Rebilas’ Blog (the same Mark Rebilas in who is the subject of this week’s 15/09/2008 – Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Help A Photographer Maximize His Miles). This week Mark takes a different approach to travel writing up the 99 Things He Hates About Traveling, which is wrote while flying from Phoenix to Atlanta.

During my layover in Philadelphia (PHL), shortly before reading Mark’s blog, I had the pleasure of being the subject of an interview by CFO Magazine regarding The Travel Strategist. The interview was an interesting discussion on the outlook of the 2009 business travel market and how business can reduce their overall travel expenses. The article should appear shortly in a future issue of CFO Magazine.

……….now onto the Weekly Round Up

I’ll kick this off with mentioning that I have reintroduced the Round-the-World Workshop for Photographers! This workshop will push you to your limits as you travel completely around the world shooting on four continents, in seven countries exploring 8 world class cities all in 10 days. This workshop, which travels entirely in business class, costs less than a round-trip business class ticket from New York to Sydney. Interested in finding out if this workshop is for you? Find out here: 17/09/2008 – Round-the-World Photo Workshop : Reintroduced All For Less Than Flying From New York-to-Sydney In Business Class!

This week began with some entertainment for the global traveler with an introduction to Alanis Morissette’s “Citizen Of The Planet.” This is a great song for anyone who travels. Check it out here: 15/09/2008 – Music For The Global Traveler

In an effort to help fellow photographers on the road this week I asked readers of Flying With Fish to voice their opinions on the best frequent flyer program for Phoenix (PHX) based photographer Mark Rebilas. It is not to late to voice your opinion by visiting: 15/09/2008 – Choosing A Frequent Flyer Program : Help A Photographer Maximize His Miles

Over the past few years I have received a few dozen e-mails from photographers who have damaged their equipment when packing their camera and lens while connected. The damage generally involves warped camera mounts, damaged CPUs and damaged lens release locks, but there is a way to avoid damaging the mount of your camera and your lens. You can find out how to pack your gear to reduce the risk of damage in this entry: 16/09/2008 – Packing Your Cameras & Lenses Properly : Do Not Attach Your Camera & Lens

Traveling internationally with your credit cards? Have you contacted your credit card company to make sure your card is authorized internationally? For more information check this entry:
17/09/2008 – Using Your Credit Card Internationally : Inform Your Credit Card Company Before You Cross The Border

This week on Flying With Fish wrapped up with the iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week. This week I explored using TSAwait as a valuable tool for any frequent (and infrequent) travelers. With access to updated average airport security wait times for more than 400 commercial airports in the United States this ‘App’ is ideal for knowing how much lead time you need to get to the airport and get through security. For more info on TSAwait check this post:
18/09/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : TSAwait

Next week I’ll reintroduce Come Fly With Fish (www.comeflywithfish.com) and hopefully get around to demonstrating how to use household tools to modify a lens hood to make it more effective for packing and travel!

That’s it for this week folks……………..have a great weekend, I’ve got 6,000 miles to go before I get home again Sunday afternoon.

Happy Flying!

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