4-June-2007 : Just When You Think Carry-On Restrictions Can’t Get Any Worse

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4-June-2007 : Just When You Think Carry-On Restrictions Can’t Get Any Worse

So, there I am at 5:00am standing at the U.S. Airways check in counter at my local airport, New Haven,Connecticut (HVN), when I glance over at the Pan-Am Airways check in counter. Right below the check in counter is the smallest carry-on template box I have ever seen. I thought I was bleary eyed and looking at this template box from a weird angle, so I decided to investigate after checking my baggage.

It turns out that I was not bleary eyed, the carry on baggage template is about three times smaller than my standard carry on gear bag, a Pelican 1514 (22Lx14Wx9D). While I didn’t have the chance to measure the psychotically small carry on baggage template I did shoot a photo of it in relation to my Pelican 1514

(FYI: Pan Am Airways is now owned by the B&M Railroad and is NOTHING like how anyone envisions the legendary Pan Am that used to dominate the global airways………….and the Pan Am sticker you see on my case is in remembrance of the once great airline not for the airline currently flying Pan Am’s colours)

Happy Flying!

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  1. […] The Pelican 1514, a Pelican 1510 with padded inserts, is legal for carry-on with the vast majority of international airlines in terms of size.  With the case’s 45-linear inch (114.3-linear centimeter) dimensions, recessed wheels and recessed handle, the Pelican 1514 conforms to every baggage template I have dropped it into (with the exception of one now defunct airline). […]

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