28-November-2007 : "Is There An Abbreviated Around The World No Jet Lag Workshop?" OK, Because You Asked For It!

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28-November-2007 : “Is There An Abbreviated Around The World No Jet Lag Workshop?” OK, Because You Asked For It!

“Is There An Abbreviated Come Fly With Fish Workshop?” I think I have received this question more than a dozen times in the last week. I know many people are interested in my around the world No Jet Lag Workshop, but they cannot spend two weeks flying around the world. I also know many people cannot afford the costs of the around the world journey.

To accommodate this constant question I have devised a quick 3.5 day “No Jet Lag Primer Course.” At the moment I am looking at February 5th to February 8th departing from Vancouver, BC (YVR). Why Feb 5 to Feb 8? Why Vancouver? Because this quick course is going to be non-stop coverage of the Chinese New Year in the streets of Hong Kong!

There are few events that are as bright, bustling, loud vibrant and exciting as the Chinese New Year! The thousands of years of culture, the colours and the pageantry are unrivaled. The best part? You’ll be in the middle of this visual cornucopia!

For this workshop participants will be under strict packing guidelines. You will be forced to chose your gear and accessories wisely. You will be limited to one smaller sized legal carry on bag, one you may potentially need to haul for long periods of time while shooting. I will provide detailed instruction and guidance before the departure to make sure you have it all down perfectly.

For this journey we will land a few short hours before the official start of the New Year, which will force you to deal with a tremendous challenge. Your body clock will be almost exactly backward from your home time zone (depending on where you live) and you will need to arrive , drop your bag and go straight to work. This is a huge challenge, it may sound easy, but you’ll be on your feet and taking in all the sights and sounds and fast paced action as your body wants to rest. This is natural, but you’ll need to overcome it. You will learn to force yourself to rest when possible and how to stay up, awake and keep working through this period.

Throughout our time in Hong Kong you will learn how to handle quick ground logistics and how to quickly asses situations in foreign languages (although many folks in Hong Kong speak English). You will be handed a mix of “general assignments” and “business assignments” with real time deadlines. Coupled with these deadlines is the “drop deadline,” this is the time you must absolutely stop working to make your flight. We can all be 15 minute late delivering a photo, even on a tight deadline, but if you miss your “drop deadline” you miss your flight, and that’s just not allowed to happen (I won’t let it happen).

There will be plenty of one-on-one instruction prior to our departure from YVR. There will be some instruction during the flight over, plenty of guidance and instruction once in Hong Kong and critique, Q&A and plenty of sleeping on the way home.

At this time a minimum of four participants is required to get this No Jet Lag Primer Course off the ground. There is a maximum of eight spots for this workshop.

Costs, if booked before Dec 15th, will be
– US$3,200* in BusinessClass (suggested for access to lounge, showers, in-seat power, priority check in & more comfort on the 13 hour flight)

– US$2,200* in EconomyClass

Costs include airfare from Vancouver to Hong Kong, private transportation while in Hong Kong (to and from hotel) , instruction & logistics.

*Costs based on special seat fare costs and may be subject to change depending on seat availability

If you are interested let me know by dropping me an e-mail to fish@flyingwithfish.com

Happy Flying!

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