28-December-2007 : A Few Links For Wandering Photogs

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28-December-2007 : A Few Links For Wandering Photogs

As a traveler I do a lot of research. I research for my trips and I often do research for other people as well, both photogs and non-photogs alike. As I research trips, ranging from seat preference to visa requirements, I refer to a few web sites. Some of these web sites are nuts-n-bolts factual web sites and others are portals to a host of links that can be very helpful.

When I start my research I often first refer to two web sites, Lonely Planet (www.lonelyplanet.com) and Tourist Click (www.touristclick.com).

Lonely Planet is an incredible resource on traveling. You can find general information on every country you could travel to. You’ll find maps, information on governments, electrical power, currency, language and an overview of the area you are traveling to. This site is almost always my first stop in my quest for information.

Tourist Click is a site that links to hundreds of other specific web sites. While searching this site can be a bit tiring to navigate, the wealth of information that can be found via Tourist Click is great. The site has started to add travel blogs to the site, these provide a new depth to the information available and a more personalized view of some of the information you may be looking for.

While there are many (MANY!) sites out there I have a short list of first stops and these two are often my first stops before moving into more specific sites as I narrow down the information I need for my research.

Happy Flying!

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