31-December-2007 : So Long 2007

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31-December-2007 : So Long 2007!

It’s been a fun first year for Flying With Fish and discussing airlines, travel and packing for the photographer on the road.

As 2008 approaches in a few hours I am still looking over my plans for the new year change my blog up a little bit. The first change you’ll notice? My headlines will no longer have dates in them. Following that, I am planning to post weekly on a regular basis , I’m going to try and add a links post on a regular basis. I am still sorting out how I’ll do this, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. The big change? If possible, I am going to try and add some video to my Blog. At first I am probably going to make basic videos on packing equipment and condensing what you need to travel with. From there? Who knows.

2007 saw the birth of my 3rd child Simon, my daughter Lauren turning seven (and you fantastic folks donating to her walk to fund research for Juvenile Diabetes) and my 2nd child Max turning 3 and continuing his obsession with trains. 2007 also was my first round-the-world sprint, where I flew around The Globe one-and-a-half times in 5 days in a single legal carry on backpack. For traveling and packing this year saw my switch from traditional camera bag companies Lowe Pro and Think Tank to hiking focused company Mountainsmith (although I have used the Mountainsmith Tour for years for general shooting). The end of 2007 has seen my decision to primarily leave the Canon 1D series bodies behind for the smaller and lighter Canon 5D series bodies. With smaller batteries, smaller chargers and lighter cameras the trade off in systems should be more beneficial than detrimental.

I started 2007 as a Platinum Elite with both Delta Airlines and US Airways, a United Airlines Premier Executive and a World Perks Gold flyer with Northwest Airlines. As I move into 2008 I know that as of 29-February-2008 I’ll be left with my status as Gold (highest tier) on BMI (British Midlands International) and Gold (just below highest tier) on Air France/KLM. Why is this? Simple, I spent much of 2007 flying around using frequent flyer miles and flight vouchers from bumped seats. When you use miles or get bumped you accrue no miles. Some of my travel was also in conjunction with photographing for an airline, when they buy the tickets, you get no miles.

So from starting the year as an elite with four U.S. airlines and ending the year as an elite on two European airlines, there have been some changes in my travel habits. I hope to document these travels and continue to bring all of you the information that can make your traveling easier throughout 2008.

Coming up in early January I’ll continue to address the new U.S. restrictions on flying with Lithium batteries. I will also be testing out a new ultra compact tripod that should take up virtually no space in your bag.

Love to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the next? You can celebrate New Years all over again with me during the No Jet Lag Intensive Photo Workshop, Feb 5 to Feb 8 when we’ll fly over to Hong Kong to shoot the Chinese New Year! Feel free to check out this workshop at www.comeflywithfish.com
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If anyone has any suggestions for topics or any questions please, as always, feel free to drop me an e-mail at fish@flyingwithfish.com

Happy Flying and a Happy and a Healthy New Year!


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