No Jet Lag Intensive Photo Workshop – Feb 5 to Feb 8 – Two Seats Just Opened Up!

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01/06/08 – No Jet Lag Intensive Photo Workshop – Feb 5 to Feb 8 – Two Seats Just Opened Up!

At this time two seats have unexpectedly opened up for the No Jet Lag Intensive Photo Workshop! This workshop has one goal. To make you a better photographer on the road. Don’t miss the last opportunity to jump on board and come photograph The Chinese New Year in China!

You’ll learn how to pack, how to travel light , learn to base your equipment choices what you need rather than what you want and how to maximize your limited time on the ground. Learning to travel light, effectively and with minimum time on the ground saves your time and money. The skills you will learn during the No Jet Lag Intensive Photo Workshop can make you and your skills more attractive to potential clients.

What’s that? You’re a wedding photographer and think this does not apply to you? Think again, destination weddings are not “vacations,” they are work. Knowing how to apply these skills to working with wedding clients can increase your ability to cut costs to increase your profits.

The classroom experience begins in-flight and once we land you’ll hit the ground running. Your experience will include handling diverse real-time assignments , ranging from travel features to an engagement session, on real-time deadlines throughout the 1.5 days you’ll be in Hong Kong. You’ll be pushed to the limits of handling jet lag and working in environment that is foreign to you. You will learn to work on the road in a whole new way.

To learn the complete details of the No Jet Lag Intensive Photo Workshop please visit

This workshop starts at US$2,200 for a seat in economy and $3,200 for a seat in business. Students are entitled to a US$200.00 educational discount for this workshop experience.

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