The No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course – Getting Warmed Up In Mystic, Connecticut

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01/02/08 – The No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course – Getting Warmed Up In Mystic, Connecticut

This past Monday Walter Van Dusen hosted the Third Annual Mystic Get Together, in Mystic Connecticut. It has been a pleasure to have participated and in the first event, of maybe 20 photographers through this years event with 120 photographers. From a small conference table three years ago to a stage, surround-sound, and some funky lighting a huge ballroom this year it has been fantastic to watch this even continue to grow.

For the second year in a row I kicked off the day of learning at 8:00am, discussing the ins-and-outs of travel. This’ years’ hour presentation was a a nice warm up to my two One Day No Jet Lag Quick Courses.

With a condensed schedule I quickly covered choosing bags, making your bags less attractive to airport thieves, tips on packing, picking your flight routes to maximize your time, choosing seats and how to understand airline fare classes to search for the lowest airfare.

To learn an in-depth knowledge of how to travel more effectively as a photographer check out The No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course, March 15th in Baltimore and March 16th in New York.

Thanks again Walter for another great Mystic GTG!

Below are a few photos shot by Jamie Wexler and Earl Christie during my presentation.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Great blog Fish. I am interested though in what you consider suitable attire for business shooting in offices and other environs. I hope this is not too off topic for serious consideration. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the question and the topic.

    The question of attire is one that is difficult to address. As a professional each photog should know what works for them and their environment. Even while shooting very high end subjects, such as CEOs of companies like Microsoft, Sony and IBM I have shown up in clean cargo pants and a button up shirt. This, to me, is a clean presentable outfit, that still leaves me unincumbered by a tie or jacket when working. Knowing that even in the best of cases, I may end up laying in the grass of hanging off the roof of a building I never wear dress pants. I am not in these CEOs offices, or meetings, to show off my wardrobe, I am there to create images of these people.

    In short, dress clean, neat, professionally and act respectfully and professionally and you’ll be fine.

    Sorry this was not a more detailed response, but it works for me.

    Happy Flying!


  3. Thanks Fish, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. A follow-up if I may; what are your thoughts about wearing clean good looking Levis’ jeans? I prefer Levis 501 to Dockers or cargo pants, do you think jeans are acceptable to clients like yours?

    Thanks again.

  4. I choose to wear cargo pants for a few reasons
    1) Comfort
    2) I can stick my wallet, card holder, passport, pens, in my cargo pockets and not be sitting on them for a long flight which I find uncomfortable.
    3) When shooting I can quickly and easily stash a flash or batteries in my cargo pockets

    These reasons make cargo pants, for me, a practical piece of clothing. When shooting weddings I only wear black cargo pants and work out of them all day long. When not in cargo pants I tend to wear Sorel carpenter pants or Columbia cotton cargo pants. These pants have pen pockets and a small cargo pocket which I can place small items in. I have taken business trips for meetings around the world in Sorel carpenter pants, a button up shirt and a light weight sport jacket. It was comfortable, practical, presentable and professional and it worked for me.

    Can you wear jeans? I know some very high end corporate photographers who seem to only wear Levi’s jeans and it works for them. I also know corporate photogs who always wear a tie and a jacket……………so it is up to you to know the needs and parameters of your clients needs, expectations and your personal comfort level with your professional appearance.

    Sorry there is no concrete answer on this subject.

    Happy Flying


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