The No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course Seminar & Workshop – Come Join Me For A Day That Will Change How You Travel As A Photographer!

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16/02/08 – The No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course Seminar & Workshop – Come Join Me For A Day That Will Change How You Travel As A Photographer!

March 15 – Baltimore/Washington Area
March 16 – Manhattan

The No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course is a one day intensive seminar and workshop that will change how you hit the road and travel as a photographer!

Having traveled around the world, as an editorial, corporate and wedding photographer my experience and in-depth knowledge base as a “photographer in transit” is extensive. My extensive experience has taught me handle any situation I am faced with, from lights now showing to bad weather and no time to reschedule as well as packing and travel logistics. The most important skill I have learned and will pass on to you…………… matter what the obstacles are in your way, it is not your client’s problem!

During the day long No Jet Lag Photo Quick Course you will learn the basics of travel through how to handle a wide range of real-world scenarios. Throughout the day I will cover a vast expanse of information ranging from choosing flights and fares to traveling with minimal equipment to photographing a corporate environmental portrait.

As I explain real-life situations I will also be demonstrating some of these skills on-site, such as the five minute corporate portrait and flying with a full camera, lens and lighting kit as carry-on baggage only.

Towards the end of the day we will go out in the city streets and put the information you have learned to the test! There is no point in just taking notes if you are not shown how to implement the information you have just learned. Try out your new skills while the information is still fresh in your head.

Some of the topics to be discussed in detail include the following
– Understanding the logistics of planning your travel
– Planning your “escape route” should your travel schedule be interrupted
– Learning to select your equipment based on “need” not “want”
– Learning to pack more effectively and efficiently
– Choosing “savings” over “comfort” (and vise-versa)
– Planning to maximize your effective time on the ground
– Planning for everything to go wrong on the road
– Creating the five minute editorial/corporate portrait
– Planning multiple quick set-ups with minimal gear for editorial/corporate shoots
– Understanding how to work in any available space
– Understanding how to deal with “reality” rather than “artistic vision” on deadline
– Learning to use the streets as your friend while shooting alone or with an assistant

Currently I will be holding two No Jet Lag Photo Quick Courses.
March 15 2008 in Baltimore/Washington Area
March 16 2008 in Manhattan

The fee for this seminar & workshop is $149
Full-time students may attend the seminar for $125

Interested in attending? Drop me an e-mail at
PayPal payments may be sent to Indicate the date in the notes section of payment form to hold your seat. Register early as there are a limited number of seats available.

FYI: These workshops are aimed at supporting Flying With Fish and keeping Flying With Fish 100% advertising free!

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