Protect Your Passport From The Elements

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29/02/08 – Protect Your Passport From The Elements

More often than not when you hear someone tell you to protect your passport they are suggesting you protect in from theft. For me, protecting my passport from theft is a given, however protecting it from a torrential down pour or a spilled can if soda pouring down my leg is another thing.

I know a few people who had their passports destroyed due to being outdoors in bad weather. With a fear of getting hit with a fire hose while carrying my passport I have been using the Omniseal Waterproof Wallet Holder for a few years. At less then US$5 this simple item can protect you from having to explain to immigrations why and how your passport was destroyed while dancing through the Fountains of Rome.

You can find the Omniseal Holder at shops like REI and EMS in the U.S. or order them directly from REI at

Below is a photo of my passport in the Omniseal Wallet Holder

Happy Flying!

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  1. May I suggest a cheaper alternative: basic zip lock bags from the grocery store. Since you have to carry fluids in a quart size bag already, why not just use another one for the passport.

  2. You could use a plastic bag, however I find one big problem with using a plastic bag. A plastic bag is not very strong, you can easily rip a plastic bag by putting a pen in your pocket or getting it caught in zipper.

    The Omniseal pouch is very durable. You will not rip this pouch, it would even take some effort to pierce it with a knife.

    When you outside of your home country your Passport is the most important document you have on you. You should do everything you can to protect your passport.


  3. Fish,
    When I was in Japan I was told by a friend that I should always have my passport on me at all times. I am going back in June, so do you have a suggestion on anything to hold your passport? Or do you just keep it in your wallet?


  4. Pat:

    I tend to keep keep my passport in a zipper “hidden” pocket of my Columbia travel pants; in the right cargo pocket of my North Face A5 cargo pants; deep in the bottom of my right pocket of my Sorel pants.

    These tend to be the only pairs of pants I travel in.

    The Columbia travel pants are great with the hidden pocket. With the cargo pants I use the side cargo pocket, around my knee, as a pick-pocket would have a much harder time getting into that pocket , In the Sorel jeans the pockets are very deep so I would absolutely feel someone getting into the pants to get my passport out.

    You can look into a simple passport cover to protect your passport. Most airlines have them in Duty Free for about US$20. These are good to protect your passport , but they will not keep them dry. With all my travel, that is my biggest fear.


  5. Hi, what about protecting your passport from hackers and scammer now that it has all your info on the RFID. I really really hate the new passport.


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