No Jet Lag Euro Course & Workshop – Come Fly With Fish!

Europe is a continent full of history, architecture, diverse cultures and languages. During my “No Jet Lag Euro Course” you will have the opportunity to experience it’s diversity intensely over six days of non-stop on the ground shooting.

For those photographers interested in learning a whole new way to travel quickly, effectively and seeking to maximize their time on the ground seeking out photographic opportunities the No Jet Lag Euro Course may be just what you have been seeking. During the No Jet Lag Euro Course you will experience five historic and diverse cities over a span of six days on the ground.

This on-the-road workshop is designed to push it’s participants to not only re-think how they work on road, but also teach it’s participants how they plan, pack and seek out their photographic subjects. My work as a photographer is often in-and-out in a day. My assignments have sent me half-way around the world for less than a day, and around the world one-and-half-times in less than five days. Working under intense limitations is not something you overcome, it is something you work around. My time on the ground is spent calculating my options and planning my images, regardless of obstacles in my way.

When I travel I place an incredible amount of time on the packing logistics of each job. Usually I travel with only what I can carry as I shoot; I will teach you too how to pack effectively given limited packing restrictions. With short spans of time on the ground, and never sleeping in the same bed twice, being able to work with what you can carry is important. Prior to our departure I will personally start your introduction into “packing what you need” rather than “packing what you want.” There are hard choices in gear selection. I will ensure you understand these practical travel principals before and during our travels.

At this time, the “No Jet Lag Euro Course” will take it’s participants through London, Stockholm, Zurich, Frankfurt and Paris (this list of cities may change due to flight schedule limitations, but any city swapped out will be replaced with an equally cool and interesting city)

Over these intensive six days you will learn how to work around time constraints, how to ignore obstacles in your way and how to hit the ground running. You will learn a whole new inspiring set of skills that will carry over to your work as an editorial, wedding or corporate photographer.

The No Jet Lag Euro Course is scheduled to depart from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) on November 30th and return to Washington Dulles on the 6th of December. This intensive workshop is US$4,500 and is inclusive of all air travel from Washington Dulles and point-of-departure and all flights within Europe. The No Jet Lag Euro Course requires a minimum of four participants and can travel with a maximum of six participants.

For those who sign up for the No Jet Lag Euro Course before April 15th the workshop cost will be $4,000 for early enrollment.

If you have any questions please drop me an e-mail at

Happy Flying!



  1. Let me know when you are in Zurich, I will be happy to show you around (and shoot a few pics in the proces).

  2. What a perfect opportunity for the serious photographer! And what a deal…wish I had the dates free! Have fun!

  3. Charles

    When everything is in place I’ll let you know our schedule! A local guide would be great. We’re meeting up with a photographer in Stockholm as well and I think the more the merrier!


  4. Lissa,

    If you are feeling more adventurous, I’ll be announcing details of a round-the-world in 10 days workshop in a day slated for early November. 10 days (well closer to 11 days), six full city stops (two hidden “surprise” city stops) in seven countries, on four continents, two hemispheres and flying from winter to summer to winter again.

    Happy Flying!


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