Come Fly Around The World With Fish! : The Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop! Nov 1-to-Nov 12

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25/03/08 – Come Fly Around The World With Fish! : The Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop!

The Flying With Fish Round-The-World No Jet Lag Workshop is not really a workshop, it is more of an intensive boot-camp. Once you begin this program of extensive travel on a tight demanding schedule there is no turning back.

Photographers tend to have a natural curiosity to explore. Most photographers have visions of going out for weeks to explore a city or a country, this is not my reality and this is not the reality you will experience during the Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop. During this hands-on, in the field, workshop, you will be pushed to the limit of my reality as a traveling photographer.

My schedules are demanding, at times having worked in three countries, on three continents, in three days. My goal when traveling on assignments is to minimize my actual time on the ground while maximizing my potential shooting time in this narrow space of time in between. I work quickly, I work light and I work cost effectively, often forgoing hotel rooms to shower in an airline lounge and sleep on a return flight.

For those adventurous enough to join me on the Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop you will experience travel and the world in a whole new way. You will learn packing, planning and travel logistic skills that will save you time and money.

Through our journey together you will learn to think quickly, you will force yourself through jet lag, you will adapt to an ever present time constraint, and you may find yourself in more than one worst-case-scenario that you have to deal with. The travel pace and demands of this workshop are not designed to have you leisurely experience the cities we will travel through, it is designed to force you to create images during our limited time on the ground in each city.

All participants are limited to only what they can legally get on the plane as “carry on,” and this must be comfortably worn while out shooting. What does this mean for you? It means you are packing for 10 days of summer, winter, city, desert shooting, including your bodies, lenses, batteries, chargers. etc etc etc, in a backpack you feel comfortable wearing while shooting and a waist pack, belt system, harness, etc that you can work out of. In some stops we’ll have no hotel and be fully dependent on public transportation.

This is not an impossible task. You’ll carry you cameras on your shoulders, one lens on each. You’ll be warm in some places and chilly in others. We’ll stop for laundry half-way through the journey and start shedding some excess clothes after that. We’ll often shower in the airport lounge and they’ll supply your toiletries. We’ll often sleep in lay-flat business class seats on a long-haul flights rather than in a hotel (some airlines even offer pajamas), so no need for sleep clothes. The airport and the plane will become your oasis on the road to charge your gear, rest your body and fuel yourself up.

Don’t worry, all of our flights will be in international business class seats (even the one U.S. domestic flight). Throughout the journey you will experience 4-&-5 star in-flight service, comfort and meals. Flying in this class of service is the only way to ensure you are comfortable, rested, well fed and able to get off the plane and go straight to work.

During this nearly 11 day journey you will shoot in six defined cities; you visually explore two “surprise” cities; you will create images in seven countries; you will work through jet lag in two hemispheres; you will travel from winter to summer to winter again.

So where and when are we going? Let me tell you! This Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop is scheduled for November 1st to November 12th, departing and returning to New York City’s Gateway To The World, JFK International Airport. The following is the current intended route of “defined” city stops*
New York City
San Francisco

(*any city may be swapped out for another incredible city on the planet due to flight availability)

The two surprise cities during our journey are both World Class cities, on two different continents. None of these cities will let you down visually.

The cost of this Round-the-World No Jet Lag Workshop is US$15,000. This fee includes all international business class travel, all hotel lodging costs, all taxes, airport and airline fees, all “eVisa” fees (obtaining non-eVisas are the responsibility and financial obligation of all participants) and of course this fee covers your non-stop grueling fun as we span the globe in search of insightful images!

If you have any questions please drop me an e-mail at

The image below is a World Map of our journey (minus the “surprise cities”)

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