The Mountainsmith Lumbar Packs & Newswear Pouches – Connecting Them Is A Snap

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27/03/2008 – The Mountainsmith Lumbar Packs & Newswear Pouches – Connecting Them Is A Snap

Over the past few months I have received many e-mails asking me to detail how I use the Newswear Pouches with my Mountainsmith Tour waist pack. With four more enquiries in the past day asking how I attach the Newswear Pouch to the Mountainsmith Day waist pack I think maybe this subject deserves it’s own post.

First let me tell you that adding the Newswear Pouches to the Mountainsmith Day/Tour packs is so simple even my three year old can do it (and he has). The back of the Newswear Pouches have two wide and extremely durable belt loops. As much as I spent years loving my trusty Domke pouches, the double belt loop design is far superior in terms of strength and stability of keeping the pouch upright at all time.

Once I have slid the waist pack belt through the pouches belt loops I secure it in place with a carabiner. I snap the carabiner to the Newswear Pouch’s belt loop closest to the body of the bag, and then I also snap it around the Mountainsmith Day/Tour lumbar adjustment strap. The securing of the pouch to the bag ensures that when the belt is open, should I use the bag’s shoulder strap my pouch does not slide off of the belt. My carabiner has a lash-strap attached that also holds a small roll of gaffers tape at all times.

This set up is extremely simple, very durable and quite comfortable.

Below are two detailed photos of the set up

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