Simple Airport Security Approved Bags For US TSA 3-1-1 Guidelines

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30/03/2008 – Simple Airport Security Approved Bags For US TSA 3-1-1 Guidelines

Anyone who has flown in the United States in the past few years has heard the repeated announcements through out the airports to follow the U.S. Transportation Security Administrations3-1-1” rules. The TSA’s 3-1-1 rules are simple, 3oz or less containers of liquid/gels, 1 quart sized bag per 1 traveler.

You can complain all you want about the rules, but they are here to stay. I recently watched a woman at the security check point at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (aka” SeaTac or SEA) debating the carry on rules with a TSA Screener-Agent. The woman trying to pass security made some good arguments, however TSA Agents do not have the ability to randomly decide rules on-site (it happens, sometimes it affects photogs greatly in terms of carry on items, but that is another topic for another post).

To make your travel experience simpler and more stress free stick to the 3-1-1 rules and you’re all set. We all make mistakes, I have forgotten a can of soda, and have forgotten to take the small 1.5oz container of Purell hanging from my backpack and stick it in a plastic bag, but overall if you pack your liquids and gels properly you’ll be all set.

To make life easier, Hefty now makes a bag specifically for use when dealing with airport security. Most TSA checkpoints have these 1 quart bags available, some don’t, but for less than $1.00 you can pick up a package of seven of these to make life easier.

Normally I use a standard 1 quart bag, but with some problems now and again at check points actually having my bag inspected to make sure it was legitimately 1 quart, I like these Hefty “Travel Bags.” The zip-lock style bags clearly state on the front of them “Meets Airport Security Guidelines” and “Quart Size.” Any quart size bag will do, but this just makes it a bit easier for the TSA screeners to quickly look at your bag and let you move on.

You can check the bags out here:

Below are two images of the bags.

Happy Flying!

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