Flying With Fish Really Takes Off In The First Quarter Of 2008!

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01/04/2008 – Flying With Fish Really Takes Off In The First Quarter Of 2008!

April Fools Day, normally a day for playing tricks, but for me it is a day to look back at the first quarter of 2008. So far all I can say is………………Wow, what a great start to 2008 Flying With Fish has experienced!

When Flying With Fish was first conceived of and placed online in December of 2006 it was as a small knowledge base for a handful of photographers. Throughout 2007 Flying With Fish stayed under most people’s radar as a small site with basic information. My goal half-way-through 2007 was to help 50-100 flying photogs per day if I was lucky………… seems my site has grown well beyond it’s original purpose and it’s message has started to reach the masses.

Looking back at the 1st quarter of 2008, starting on January 1st 2008, Flying With Fish has been written up and recognized by some significant publications and web sites for photographers. This is a quick look back at 2008’s first quarter “press” for Flying With Fish:

January 1st 20008 : Written up on the Strobist (I love reading David Hobby‘s Strobist site)

January 11 2008 : Written up on Popular Photography‘s web site

January 11 2008 : Written up by Scott Kelby on his Blog. Scott is the editor and publisher of Photoshop User Magazine (I am also a big fan of Scott’s Blog)

February 2008 : The National Press Photographers Associations magazine “News Photographer” writes up Flying With Fish as a resource for photogs on the road.

February 1 2008 : Popular Photography asked me to respond to their “reader mail”

March 7 2008 : Scott Kelby chose to write up my No Jet Lag Photo Workshops

March 29 2008 : I was interviewed live on Photo Talk Radio about traveling as a photog. You can click the link to hear my segment!

April 2008 (OK, April is the start of the 2nd quarter) : Popular Photography has a small write up extolling the virtues of Flying With Fish (check out page 16)……..Sweet!!

I’d like to thank all of you regular readers and you first time readers. It’s nice to know folks out there appreciate the time and effort I put into Flying With Fish. My goal is simple, to keep photogs on the road informed. If my information can help inform those who aren’t not traveling photogs it’s just a nice bonus for me. I strive to keep the information on this site updated and relevant to both first time flyers and experienced road warriors.

For those of you interested diving head first into an intensive learning experience for photogs on the road, and those want to learn more about being a photog on the road, checkout the Flying With Fish No Jet Lag Workshops. The No Jet Lag Workshop proceeds go towards keeping this site free, and free of advertising. You can learn more about the No Jet Lag Workshops at

As always, if you have any questions or a topic suggestion, drop me an e-mail at

Happy Flying!


  1. I bet a small, portable book of photo travel tips would sell pretty well in the photo and travel sections of bookstores too. I’ll keep an eye out for it… 😉

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