Airlines Are Dropping Like Flies : Check Your Flights!

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09/04/2008 – Airlines Are Dropping Like Flies : Check Your Flights…….NOW!

As I sit here in Philadelphia International Airport looking out at a sea of planes, on my way to Frankfurt and Hong Kong, I am reading various stories on Oasis Hong Kong closing it’s operations down.

For most flyers the departure of Oasis Hong Kong is not a big deal, but to me, this is the airline I was scheduled to fly in late May out to Hong Kong for a wedding. I now need to reschedule my flights, book new tickets and deal with the fall out. I have an escape plan in place, I am looking at three options all of which should be OK.

Why does this pertain to any of you? Well aside from the closing of Oasis Hong Kong’s operations we have had three airlines close in the United States. The closing of Aloha Airlines, ATA and SkyBus left tens of thousands of passengers stranded. Many passengers intending to fly days after the airlines closures are still not aware that the airline they are ticketed on has ceased operations.

In the next few days, if you are flying, make sure you still have an airline to fly on.

I checked this morning for my trips and its seems that US Airways, Lufthansa, Asiana and United Airlines are still flying :0)

Happy Flying!

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