Long Haul Flight Sanity : Noise Canceling Headphones

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13/04/2008 – Long Haul Flight Sanity : Noise Canceling Headphones

One of the simplest ways to create your own little world and stay sane on long haul flights (short regional flights, airport layovers, train rides , etc) is to use noise canceling headphones.

Noise canceling headphones create a wall of white noise blocks out most ambient noise. This level of quiet and peace can take a loud crowded plane and block it out giving you a personal quiet zone.

Not only does the use of noise canceling headphones make listening to music and the watching of movies more enjoyable, but you can also use them independent of another device to simply cut out the ambient noise. When I am trying to sleep on a flight I often unplug my noise canceling headphones from my iPod and just use the headphones to block the noise.

Over the past few days I have flown 20,000 miles with the Sony MDR-NC22 in-ear noise canceling headphones. Having had these headphones in my ears for approximately 40 hours over a span of approximately 84 hours, I have found the MDR-NC22 headphones to not only be excellent in their ability to block out the ambient noise surrounding me but they are also extremely comfortable. Most headphones, in-ear or on-ear tend to really become uncomfortable after 10 or 12 hours of consistent use, the Sony MDR-NC22 headsets have a unique design that keeps them snug in your ear and comfortable to wear,

Most in-ear headsets are either inserted into your ear canal, or they are “disk shaped” and rest inside of your ear. The Sony MDR-NC22 headphones are a combination of both designs. The flexible rubber tip (the head phones come with three sizes of rubber tips) fits comfortably in your ear canal, while the disk design seals off the rest of your ear, blocking ambient noise, while also supporting the weight of the headphones.

I have posted a few photos of the Sony MDR-NC22 headphones below, including the packaging, included items and the unique in-ear design of the headphones.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Awesome, man. I’ve been waiting for these posts!

    Keep them coming. Do you like in-ear or big noise canceling headphones better?

  2. I use the Bose Noise canceling ear phone myself. Love this thing, with my mom even better at age 90 she is a trip…As she refers to me her 732 month old son, affectionately “kennyboy”

    I am going to a photcruise starting Tuesday.


    All are invited to go via photos and my new blog.

    My first post is “throw momma off the boat”.

    I know what you all are thinking. What a dark story line….

    Well my stepmom, from Long Island, got me hooked on the New Yorker magazine at age 10. Well if you know about the adams family cartoons in this mag…then you understand.

    It is kind of potty training issue according to my shrink.

    Mosquitoes and all


  3. For those who prefer an on-ear design, I have found the Plane Quiet NC7 headphones quite comfortable.

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