Tell Me Your Best Packing Tips & Win A PacSafe Carry Safe 100 Camera Strap!

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14/04/2008 – Tell Me Your Best Packing Tips & Win A PacSafe Carry Safe 100 Camera Strap!

I spent last Friday afternoon with the folks at PacSafe in their Global Headquarters in Hong Kong. During this meeting I had an excellent opportunity to provide PacSafe‘s executives with some real world insight into ways they can improve on their excellent camera straps, and on creating practical camera bags for photographers on the road and in the field.

As a result of my meeting with PacSafe they have generously offered me the opportunity to pass along some of their products to you folks who read Flying With Fish!

I could just run a simple contest, but this site is all about educating those who work on the road, and also passing information onto the occasional traveler as well. In an effort to add to the educational content of Flying With Fish, rather than running a contest I’ve decided to go with the topic I discussed with PacSafe for the first giveaway. This topic is packing tips. Mundane? Nope, practical!

E-Mail your favourite packing tips to: , and the top three best packing tips will not only be posted on Flying With Fish, but if your tip is selected you will receive a PacSafe Carry Safe 100 strap!

I will select the three winners on Tuesday, 22-April-2008.

Happy Flying!


  1. What a great idea! Too bad I don’t have any packing tips! But I think it is a great way to run a contest.

  2. Pack your bodies, flashes, lenses, and any other electronic photo gear in individual zip-lock baggies, even if stores in the camera bag. You will thank yourself when you have to take them out individually to run them through the x-ray and they bump against each other while on the conveyor belt. I do this with all of the contents of my pockets as well, then ‘reload’ once I’m seated at the gate. It will save you time and embarrassment in the security line while others fumble with their gear.

  3. Hey I posted my response in the topic you posted on potn. Have fun packing 😀

  4. When I pack clothes I fold 2 or 3 pairs of pants or shirts at the same time. This prevents your clothes from wrinkle. =)

  5. Jonathan had a great tip, and mine is along the same lines – I always bring tons of ziplock baggies with me, of varying sizes. Camera or no, they’re just smart! As a girl with lots of “bathroom” products too, it’s a great way to split up my shower-specific things into one baggie, and sink-specific things into another so that I can quickly and easily get out of other people’s way when sharing a bathroom!

  6. Like everyone says, keep your gear with you on the plane and in the airport. But DO pack lollipops (best if they are individually wrapped) because there’s always 1 or 2 young child in the plane who’s ears pop at some point while he/she is restless and starts whinning or crying. These lollipops are great at calming them down, and popping their ears!

  7. This isn’t so much a packing tip as a something to pack tip. As a frequent traveler one of my pet peeves is that the clocks in hotel rooms are all different and often don’t work. I stumbled on LL Bean’s Nightfinder II travel alarm which is now on my must pack list. It is simple to use, takes up very little space, and even includes constant alarm and temperature displays. If your room feels too hot or too cold, this little gem will tell you for sure. PS. GREAT blog. Keep it up.

  8. Thanks for the tips folks!

    Just one more day until the 22nd of April and I select the winners!

    …..and Aaron I frequently preach “Pack what you need, NOT what you want.”

    Great packing philosophy.


  9. What’s funnier is that I’ve always subscribed to exactly that mentality of packing what I need — however I cleary have a problem … (is that the first step to recovery? Admitting I have a problem?).

  10. Bubble wrap bags for a little extra camera/lens protection when they’re not in a more padded camera bag.

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