Weekly Roundup : Free PacSafe Camera Straps, Funny Comments Heard In Transit, Come Fly With Fish, Flying With Fish Has A New Look!

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18/04/2008 – Weekly Roundup : Free PacSafe Camera Straps, Funny Comments Heard In Transit, Come Fly With Fish, Flying With Fish Has A New Look!

Starting today I am going to start trying to do a weekly round up of each week. This is where I’ll post things that don’t fit in other posts and round up the week in review.

This past week I discussed staying sane and entertained while flying on long haul flights. The four main ways I keep myself sane and entertained when stuck in an airplane sear for a dozen hours is to listen to music, watch movies, read and or course sleep. If you can sleep for 6 hours of a 12-hour flight, you only need to stay entertained for 6 hours! I will be adding one or two more long haul sanity tips to Flying With Fish in the next week. If you have any long haul sanity tips drop me an e-mail at traveltips@flyingwithfish.com

For those of you seeking a new camera strap I am giving away three PacSafe Carry Safe 100 camera straps! the PacSafe Carry Safe 100 strap is a theft resistant strap that has a metal cable running through it so it cannot be slashed making it more secure not only when on your shoulder, but also when you sit down and loop it onto something. I recently switched to the PacSafe Carry Safe 100 straps in February after more than 15 years of using the Domke 1″ Gripper straps. You can find out how to win one of these PacSafe straps here: 14/04/2008 – Tell Me Your Best Packing Tips & Win A PacSafe Carry Safe 100 Camera Strap!

On Monday, the 14th of April, the long anticipated merger between Delta Airlines and Northwest Airlines was announced. Pending U.S. Government approval this merged airline will create the world’s largest airline. Personally I don’t know if I like this merger, because it will lead to other mergers. The more airlines merge, the less seating capacity exists and in turn the higher airfares will be driven. You can find more on this merger in this post: 14/04/2008 – Airline Merger Creates The World’s Largest Airline : Saying Goodbye To An Airline I’ve Had A Love/Hate Relationship With

Are you interested in learning a whole new way to travel as a photographer? Want adventure and challenges that will not only change how you travel but also give you a once in a lifetime experience? Check out the No Jet Lag Photo Workshop to Europe and the Round The World No Jet Lag Workshop! These two hands on workshops will teach you a whole new way to explore the world! These workshops are open to both beginners and professionals, as the small groups allow me to tweak my information to each individual participant. For more information, please visit www.comeflywithfish.com

To round up this Weekly Roundup, I’d like to share to funny comments I heard last Saturday while traveling.
#1) While departing the United Airlines Red Carpet Club at Tokyo’s Narita Airport (NRT) a woman flying to Chicago O’Hare (ORD) on my flight was at the desk demanding to know why she had to walk so far to get to the gate. The customer service agent explained “because that is where the plane is.” This woman’s response? “There is an empty gate next to lounge, why can’t you just move the plane there?”

Apparently she is not aware that planes are assigned gates, and they don’t just get towed gate-to-gate picked up passengers throughout the terminal.

#2) On my flight from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) to Providence (PVD) the United Airlines Express (GoJet Airlines) flight attendant announced that all liquids must be placed in a plastic bag then placed on the floor. My seat-mate was drinking a bottle of water and placed it in the seat back, I was drinking from a paper cup with a straw from a fast food restaurant. When the flight attendant reached both of us we questioned her as we had never heard this rule before (which is not a real rule and given the laws of physics is more dangerous than having your bottle of water in the seat back) she confiscated our drinks! I would love to know why a paper cup with straw needs to placed in a plastic bag and then placed on the floor under the seat in front of you for safety reasons? The drink would not spill in my hand, but it would certainly spill standing up under a seat upon take off!

Finally, you may have noticed that as of today, Flying With Fish has a new look. The new look is designed to make the site easier to read and reflect the colours of the fish in my logo. Hopefully you folks like the new look, I know I do.

Happy Flying!


  1. Why? Because. That’s why.

    I was flying from San Jose Costa Rica to Miami and of course had my EMPTY water bottle with me through security. No problem. I filled it at a water fountain in the secure area and when I reached the gate I was told to empty it again before getting on the plane. Why? Because. Sometimes you just have to appease people.

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