Purchase Carbon Offsets & Celebrate Earth Day!!

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22/04/2008 – Purchase Carbon Offsets & Celebrate Earth Day!!

It’s Earth Day, the day we remember Mother Earth and everything she does for us! Travel can have a significant footprint on the environment. You can offset your personal travel footprint by purchasing a carbon offset!

What exactly is a carbon offset? Well a carbon offset is a credit you can purchase to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. While there are different types of carbon offsets they are all based on a metric-tonne of the carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) of what you are adding to the environment.

Generally for travel the carbon offset you purchase is a tree, or foliage, that will replace the oxygen into the ecosystem we all live in on planet Earth. These carbon offset projects generally are involved in the reforestation and soil management efforts. We really can’t have to many trees being planted can we?

For travelers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, I suggest visiting Sustainable Travel International (www.sustainabletravelinternational.org). This site has a lot of good info and resources for those interested in moving towards a more “carbon neutral” lifestyle while on the road.

You can also check your carbon footprint for your travels and directly purchase your carbon offsets from Sustainable Travel International at:

STI’s pledge is that 80% of your carbon offset purchase is allocated to the projects that STI offers to reduce carbon emissions! This is considerably better than many other carbon offset providers I have looked into.

Come on…….you know you want to help save the planet!

Happy Flying!


  1. Glad to see you posting about this. Unfortunately airline travel is horribly inefficient with regards to environmental impact. I like the STI site and how you can calculate the amount of carbon offsets you should purchase based upon your driving habits, flying, home usage, etc. Cool.

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