Top Three Reader Submitted Packing Tips : Three PacSafe Carry Safe 100 Strap Winners

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22/04/2008 – Top Three Reader Submitted Packing Tips : Three PacSafe Carry Safe 100 Strap Winners

I have received more than a hundred responses from readers of Flying With Fish with their packing tips and their chance to win a PacSafe CarrySafe 100 camera strap. Having read each and every response in detail I had the hard task of choosing just three that really stood out. After reducing my potential winners down to 25 packing tips I had really buckle down and start doing “blind reviews.” For each of these potential 25, I copied and pasted the answers that interested me into a text file without the name of the person who submitted it. From here I re-read each answer twice and got my potential winners down to 13. From that 13, I finally selected the 3 that stood out and that deserved the PacSafe CarrySafe 100 camera straps!

Some of the packing tips I received were funny (don’t pack a sub-automatic machine gun in your carry on if you are in a hurry); others bordered on down right strange (I don’t like to travel, but if I did, I’d use Pelican cases so my stuff wasn’t destroyed); quite a few were great common sense answers, and shockingly more than a dozen replies were direct copy-and-paste answers directly from the archives of Flying With Fish (hey folks, I know my own text!). From these it was really difficult to find the three that stood out but I did it and here they are…… alphabetical order of the folks who sent them in.

Submitted By – Anna Kuperberg, San Francisco, California :
If you have to fly to shoot a wedding, and don’t want to get your nice suit rumpled, just pack it dirty and wrinkled. Have it dry cleaned at the hotel when you get there, they will do it overnight. This makes more sense than cleaning it and pressing it before you fly, just to rumple it up in your suitcase!

–This is a great suggestion! This can apply to anyone, not just a photog. Business travelers and those on their way to a formal affair should keep this info in the back of their head. Hotel in-house laundry is not always low-cost, but in a pinch it is well worth it and certainly better than having to carry a garment bag.

Submitted By – Jonathan Adams, Jackson, Wyoming :
A simple idea that started doing back in 1998 while traveling around the world and still one of my favorite. Scan all of your important documents…ie driver license, passport, and store those files in your online email host. Everyplace where I needed my passport always seem to have an internet connection so if you do get everything stolen, you can always have access to a copy at any consulate or embassy.

–This is a fantastic idea. I have traveled with copies of my documents in a second bag, or in the front pocket of my fleece jacket or vest, but I never kept them online! Having them online is a brilliant way to quickly access your important information in a worst-case scenario when out of the country!

Submitted By – Petra Hall, Pitea. Sweden :
When you travel around for a few days and need to keep track of your dirty and clean clothes, turn the dirty ones inside out, and you can spot them right away and go for the clean ones (plus you don’t have to sniff dirty old socks – a plus).

–This is a very simple of easy to implement packing tip. It requires no excess packing, it takes the same space you departed with and keeps it even throughout your travels. I’m sure your travel-mates will appreciate your separation of clean and dirty laundry clothes throughout your journey.

I’d like to thank the folks at PacSafe for sponsoring this first contest on Flying With Fish with the PacSafe CarrySafe 100 straps. I hope to have some more in the future!

If you readers of Flying With Fish are looking for some great items to keep your equipment and bags safe while traveling, and want to support a company that supports this site, check out PacSafe‘s products at

Happy Flying!


  1. Wow! I never win anything and I win on how to avoid to not smell dirty socks? Who knew!!! Yay! 🙂

    Thank you Flying Fish and of course thank you PacSafe!!

  2. If you do decide to store your scanned documents with your online email host, PLEASE make sure that you protect these documents using some kind of encryption technology. With documents that important, educate yourself with what is the best encryption technology to use. And don’t think that putting passwords on doc or zip files will do.

    I think a better thing would be to store these documents on a CD. Maybe you can find one of those mini CD-Rs (Google mini cd-r) and carry it on your person.

    Storing things like passports, drivers license, etc on-line is very dangerous.

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