Win A Camera In Popular Photography’s "Photo Makeover Contest!"

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19/6/2008 – Win A Camera In Popular Photography’s “Photo Makeover Contest!”

OK, this is not even close to being travel related, but what traveler does not want a new camera?

PopPhoto‘s contest is a funky twist on conventional photo contests. In this contest you send PopPhoto you worst photograph (that’s right, you send them the photo you really messed up) and then send them that same photo after you have edited it in Photoshop, or gone out and re-shot it, to make it a winner!

What’s in it for you? An Olympus FE-250. The Olympus FE-250 is a compact point and shoot, with 8mp, that can shoot at 5 frames-per-second up to ISO 3200! With a focal length range of 35f2.8-to-105f4.7, it seems like a great little camera to toss in your pocket when out on your travels.

You learn all the details, and enter the contest, by visiting PopPhoto’s site here :

Don’t wait to long, the contest deadline is July 14th.

Good Luck and Happy Flying!

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