Flying With Fish ‘Offshoot’ The Travel Strategist Featured On

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11/07/2008 – Flying With Fish ‘Offshoot’ The Travel Strategist Featured On

Not to long ago I had written about a new web site for travelers on the run,, while still in its start up phase has continually been a great ‘one-stop’source of information for me while on the road. The site’s information on flight information, delay information, gate information has been fantastic. A few hick-ups here and there, but overall has replaced other online sources I have frequented when tracking my flight status. For those quick moments when I want to read content rather than flight information, I have come to enjoy their regular columnist Katie O’Brien’s “FlyGirl Blog.”

……anyway, a few minutes ago my Blackberry pinged me with a “Google Alert.” For those of you who don’t know what a Google Alert is, it is a feature Google offers that sends you an e-mail every time a specific search phrase pops up online……well this evening’s ping was that my new venture “The Travel Strategist” was written up on

It is nice to read that thinks my concepts for business travel are to the benefit of those who can use my information, and it is nice to see AeroChannel growing on a regular basis.

You can read AeroChannel’s write up on The Travel Strategist here:

Happy Flying!

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