Flying With Fish Teams With AeroChannel To Create ‘The Hub Guide’

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17/07/2008 – Flying With Fish Teams With AeroChannel To Create ‘The Hub Guide’

As Flying With Fish continues to grow and AeroChannel flourishes we have decided to team up and work together to create a specific project together, ‘The Hub Guide.’

I’m not sure what ‘The Hub Guide’ may ultimately be named, but the purpose of this Guide is clear. ‘The Hub Guide will be a definitive hands-on source guide to major airports (and some minor ones along the way as well). This guide will be written in a straight forward user friendly format detailing what to do in your downtime while transiting ‘Hubs.’

The initial guide will highlight a number of major hub airports in the United States. Each airport will have simple user-information such as quiet places to sit and relax, places to find what little privacy is available to sleep, where you can find wifi (and/or free wifi in some case), shower facilities, entertainment options and where possible easy ways to head into the city and enjoy your downtime outside the airport.

I’ll begin traveling for AeroChannel in the next few weeks to bring you the first three or four airports. We hope to grow this guide slowly and steadily to bring travelers the most reliable source for how to best utilize the amenities (and in many cases the lack of amenities) during your layovers around the United States.

If this guide is a success who knows, we may bring you the World hub Guide

Happy Flying!

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