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28/07/2008 – One Stop Shopping For Travel Sized Essentials

When travelers hit the road to explore the world or just fly to Copenhagen to attend a seminar they often long for the simple comforts of home.

While I can’t tell where to buy a portable travel Posturepedic Bed, I can point you in the direction of a one-stop-shop for everything from travel sized A1 Steak Sauce for your burger to travel sized Season Brand Caviar for your long layover in the airport. is the ultimate online source for purchasing items sized for travel. No more looking around for your travel sized items. No more wondering if can find your favourite Portlock Wild Smoked Salmon (in the Red Box) that enjoy at lunch or Brown Family Farms Pure Vermont Maple Syrup that you love at breakfast while you’re away on the road. This web site probably has what you’re looking for!

So before you head out for your next trip check out

Happy Flying!


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