Killing Germs On The Road : Purell’s 1oz 2-Go Carrier

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4/08/2008 – Killing Germs On The Road : Purell’s 1oz 2-Go Carrier

Let’s face it nearly everything you touch on the road is dirty. The check-in kiosk is dirty, the security lane bins are filthy, your arms rests on the plane are disgusting, and the tray table could probably be a science experiment. We go through the airport and get on the planes without a second thought to our health and the sanitary conditions surrounding us. If we thought about this as we went through our time in transit we’d probably lose our minds.

Years ago I found my solution to trying to stay as sanitary as possible on the road. One night while cruising through my local Target I picked up the Purell 2-Go Carrier pack. The pack (priced at under US$3.00) comes with two 1oz Purell containers and a flexible rubber carry strap that is reusable. Everywhere I go I simply hang a 1oz container from my bag. When I touch something I immediately squirt some Purell on my hands, briskly rub my hands together and move along.

For those of you who do not know what Purell is, it is a liquid instant hand sanitizer (my kids call it ‘Magic Soap’). Purell is reported to kill 99.99% of surface germs, which you’d pick up in the course of your normal day, such as touching doors, holding the railing on the train, or nearly anything else you’d touch. This liquid instant sanitizer does not replace washing your hands, or aid in getting dirt off, but it does kill the germs on your hands.

My ‘Purell 2-Go’ is usually on the outside of my bag even as I pass my bag through the security x-ray machine. If I am questioned about it (which is extremely rare) I slip it into a 1-quart Ziploc bag (3-1-1 bag) and send it back through security (except for one incident at PHL that I won’t go into).

Since surface germs are the cause of many of us getting ill this is an indispensable item to carry with you whether you’re traveling to the grocery story or around the world.

Below are a few photos of package of Purell 2-Go, the 1oz container with strap and the Purell 2-Go hanging off my Mountainsmith Parallax backpack which is packed and ready to head out on a photo shoot.

Happy Flying!

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  1. Excellent point, I have one of these attached to my camera bag at all times (along with a little zippered first aid kit on a mini carabiner). One bottle in the car, on my desk at work and another in my laptop bag.

    I do recommend springing for the industrial sized 2000ml container of Purell though and refilling your smaller containers. At an investment of $30 or more, you’ll save over time by refilling.

    Purell 2000ml Bottle at

  2. hmmm.. i never do this and never get ill (well, so infrequently it may as well be never). i’m curious; do you feel that before you began to do this you were frequently sick ?

    and i hope you’re buying refills to recharge your bottle to avoid unnecessary recycling !

  3. A) Are you against furthering your person hygiene? Most people don’t get sick if they use a toilet and don’t wash their hands, but it is still disgusting.

    I happen to enjoy being clean and staying clean and hygienic

    B) I do by refills, yes.

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