iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : If Found

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7/08/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : If Found

Anyone who has lost their mobile phone knows the frustration of wondering if someone will find their phone, and then will they be able to find out who owns the phone to return it. We increasingly keep our lives on our phones, the numbers we call, the schedules we keep and with the iPhone the music we listen to and some movies we watch.

The iTunes ‘App Store’ has a great free ‘App’ appropriately named “If Found.” “If Found” is now my screen saver because quite simply this ‘App’ tells anyone who finds your phone who the phone belongs to and how to return it to them.

“If Found” allows you to list your general contact information, as well as a specific phone number to call and e-mail address to contact if you have alternate contact information. You can even list a reward for the return of your iPhone (my reward is set at US$250)

There is no flashy gimmick to “If Found.” This ‘App’ can’t tell you today’s baseball scores, it can’t give you the latest stocks, it can’t find you the nearest Starbucks, it won’t even tell you if your flight is delayed………..but it will very clearly let anyone who may find your phone (should you lose it) know who the phone belongs to and how to return it.

Below are three images of the iPhone with “If Found.”

Happy Flying!

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