8/08/2008-The Weekly Round Up : Clear’s Failed Security; Quick Hygiene; UK Seeks PNR Access; iPhone App Of The Week; Cost Of Airline Deregulation

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8/08/2008-The Weekly Round Up : “Clear” Security Compromised; Simply Hygiene On The Road; UK Gov’t Seeks More PNR Access; iPhone App Of The Week ; Cost Of Airline Deregulation; Fish On The Radio

This week has been spent planning some future trips, making detailed notes for the book I’m writing, starting to pack my house to move (I’m only moving a few minute walk away from my current house) and wondering what would positive affect would take place to the United States airline industry should airport security tactics be changed to be more ‘user friendly,’ rather than hostile.

This week on Flying With Fish was kicked off with an audio of clip of me appearing as a guest on the Charles Adler Show, a national talk show in Canada, discussing airport and passenger security. You can listen to my interview here: 2/08/2008 – Audio Clip Of Flying With Fish On the Charles Adler Radio Show Now Available

No one expects their airplane seat, hotel room phone or airport security bin to be clean. The more I travel the more I become a sanitary ‘germaphobe.’ Fine out why I find Purell to be an invaluable part of my travel kit, no matter where I am headed, here:
4/08/2008 – Killing Germs On The Road : Purell’s 1oz 2-Go Carrier

Verified Identity Pass is a private company that oversees the United States ‘Registered Traveler’ program by administering the Clear Card……and it also turns out they keep the private information of Clear Card users on non-encrypted laptops sometimes. Can we trust the Registered Traveler program? Find out what happened by clicking here: 5/08/2008 – ‘Clear’ Registered Traveler User Information Stolen

With the current state of the airline industry, and rising airline fares , is flying still more affordable than it was before Airline Deregulation in the United States? Read AeroChannel.com’s excellent feature story on this here: 6/08/2008 – The Price Of Airline Deregulation Explained By AeroChannel

Technology has a trade off. The more we have technology the more we can be ‘tracked’ in our day-to-day activities. With this ability to track our movements the British Government is seeking access to airline PNR records to track travel throughout the UK. As the British Government is seeking access to passenger PNR records they are also defending the ‘hack’ of their ‘fake proof ePassport. Learn more about these important issues in this post: 6/08/2008 – British Government Seeks To Access Airline PNRs As Its New Passport Fails Security Tests

Traveling? Don’t want to pay for an expensive plug adapter? I have a cheap simple solution to Type B to Type A plugs here: 7/08/2008 – Simple International Plug Adapter Solution For Some Travel Scenarios

In my second iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week I introduce the perfect ‘App’ for anyone who is prone to losing their mobile phone. Fine out what “If Found” can for you in this post: 7/08/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : If Found

That’s it for this week!

Happy Flying!


  1. globules of info here–some would make good tip paragraphs in the book… others would be good as basis for sections of the book…

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