The “Jetiquette” Card : Passenger Etiquette Revisited

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11/08/2008 – The “Jetiquette” Card : Passenger Etiquette Revisited

A frequently discussed topic on Flying With Fish is that of passenger etiquette. Etiquette seems simple enough, etiquette for travelers is straightforward and not terribly formal, yet many flyers seem to disregard it.

A few days ago while reading Jetiquette Blog ( by The Sky Steward (, I spotted the “Jetiquette Card.” The “Jetiquette Card” is much like the aircraft safety instructions found your seat back pocket, except it has the top 10 rules for good traveling “Jetiquette.”

These rules are simple and easy to follow

1) No shouting on your cell phone. Speak softly into your cell phone.

2) Please control your children. Do not allow kids to kick the seat in front of them.

3) Do not irritate your neighbour with idle chatter. Know when to shut up.

4) Do not put trash in the seat back pockets or leave your tray table dirty. Please give all trash to the flight attendant or take it with you

5) Do not invade the space of your neighbour. Do not cross the imaginary armrest line.

6) Do not pull on the seat in front of you to get out of your seat. Use your armrests for support.

7) Don’t hot the overhead bin space. Use the least amount of overhead space.

8 ) Don’t change your baby on the tray table. Use the changing table in the bathroom.

9) Do not walk around bare foot. Please go into the lavatory with shoes on.

10) Do not leave a mess in the bathroom. Clean up after yourself (aim correctly).

I have considered printing up some of these “Jetiquette” cards and carrying them with me for when I encounter an exceptionally rude passenger. I know handing these cards out may be bad “Jetiquette” but it might help get the point across.

Happy Flying!

–Click Image Below For A High Resolution Image Of The Jetiquette Card–



  1. little bitty note: #7 should be: “Don’t hot the overhead bin space…”

    These are fantastic. I love this card. GREAT MARKETING GIMMICK! The possibilities are endless!


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