iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Lonely Planet Mandarin Audio Phrasebook

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14/08/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Lonely Planet Mandarin Audio Phrasebook

When traveling many people find quickly communicating in a foreign language difficult. Personally, I am terrible at learning new languages, so when I found Lonely Planet’s Audio Phrasebook I was intrigued.

Lonely Planet‘s Audio Phrasebooks are easy to use and eliminate much confusion when asking simple questions (other than being completely embarrassed to be allowing an iPhone to speak for you). The categories of phrases are broken down into easy to find sections and subsections, such as Tools, Transport, Communications & Banking, Sightseeing, Shopping, and Greeting People.

Inside the sections are easy follow sub-sections. Inside of Communications & Banking for example the subsections are: the Internet, mobile/cell phone, telephone, post office, bank.

Inside each of these subsections are common phrases you may need to use to find the answer you are seeking.

The best feature included in Lonely Planet’s Mandarin Audio Phrasebook is that once you find the phrase or question you’d like to ask an automatic voice says the question or phrase for you. This eliminates fumbling through an awkward attempt to incorrectly pronounce the phrase or question. Additionally this iPhone ‘App’ also displays the text in both ‘Roman’ and ‘Chinese’ characters so it may be easily read.

Having played with Lonely Planet’s Mandarin Audio Phrasebook for use in practical applications I can safely say I will be downloading other languages available through Lonely Planet’s iPhone ‘Apps.’

Below are seven photos that walk you through the steps of using Lonely Planet’s Mandarin Audio Phrasebook on your iPhone.

Happy Flying!

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