22/08/2008- The Weekly Round Up : What Open Skies Doesn’t Allow : Locly iPhone App : Crunchie Bars & Violet Crumble : Toiletry Kits

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22/08/2008- The Weekly Round Up : What Open Skies Doesn’t Allow : Locly iPhone App : Crunchie Bars & Violet Crumble : Toiletry Kits

This week’s Weekly Round Up does not kick off with the week in review, but a moment to reflect on the crash of Spanair (JK) Flight 5022 this past Wednesday as it lifted off from Barajas Airport (MAD) in Madrid, Spain. A faulty air-intake is believed to be what caused the Boeing MD-82 aircraft to crash, killing 153 people on board the plane.

Before we move on, please take a moment to stop and have a silent moment in memory of those 153 people who died in this airline disaster.

This week Flying With Fish began by tackling the complex, and common question, of what the ‘Open Skies Agreement’ allows and does not allow. Will we see foreign carriers being allowed to fly certain US Domestic routes? It is not likely. Find out why here: 18/08/2008 – Will ‘Open Skies’ Allow Foreign Airlines To Fly U.S. Domestic Routes?

Tuesday saw the latest installed me in the iPhone ‘App’ Of the Week series. This week I reviewed the ‘Locly’ App and detailed why anyone who travels should have this ‘App.’ Find out more about Locly in this post: 19/08/2008 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Locly

Many international travelers discuss the gourmet delights they encounter in their travels. This week I discussed my ‘gourmet’ indulgences on the road, the Crunchie bar from the UK and the Violet Crumble bar from Australia. This post received not only quite a few comments, but more than a dozen e-mails from Canadian readers informing me that the Crunchie bar is readily available in the Great White North……nice to know Crunchie has a more loyal following that I thought up in Canada! Read up on my candy bar addiction here: 20/08/2008 – Trivial Travel : Honeycomb Chocolate Bars From Two Hemispheres

This week wrapped up with a write up of a simple and inexpensive toiletry kit that is airport security approved. While I don’t foresee myself giving up the 1-quart Ziploc bag with my toiletries, this might be a good option for someone a tad more organized than I am. Find out if this is what you’ve been seeking by clicking here: 21/08/2008 – A Compact Toiletry Kit Bag That Is Inexpensive & Meets Airport Security Requirements

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Next week Flying With Fish will most likely be off-line. I am scheduled for a fairly significant surgery on Tuesday and do not expect to be released until Friday morning. I’d like to have 2 or 3 posts next week, but I am not planning on having them written and published. The hospital I’ll be admitted to has no internet access and chances are I’ll be heavily sedated until Thursday at some point.

Maybe I’ll be get lucky and have the opportunity to write a few entries this weekend and have someone post them for me, but I think I’d rather take this weekend to hang out with my kids and forget that Tuesday morning is just around the corner.

……so until possibly 10 days from now (I know I probably can’t stay away that long) Happy Flying!

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