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27/10/2008 – AeroChannel On Twitter

Over the past few months I have referred to as an excellent and growing source of information for flyers.

AeroChannel’s dedicated team provides not only valuable information for your day of travel, but also a consistent source of commentary on the airline travel industry. I have even had the pleasure of contributing some information to AeroChannel and am happy to see the site grow. As AeroChannel grows they have begun to exploring using Twitter as a source for providing relevant information to those seeking regularly updated travel and airline info.

I am confident that as “AeroTwitters” followers grow their stream of updates will grow to match the audience.

To follow AeroChannel on Twitter visit:

…………..still here? You should be on Twitter signing up to follow AeroChannel.

Happy Flying!


  1. Have you checked on lately? We’re continuing to grow. Adding new information and stories every day.

    Check it out.

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