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29/01/2009 – More JFK-LAX Options Coming Soon!

In the United States there are two highly competitive domestic routes that airlines go head to head on multiple times per day.  These routes are profitable, often have very high passenger loads, are a constant source of last minute business traffic and leisure traffic, generally some of the first routes to get new amenities…and both routes are often popular with photographers looking to get from point to point or for a nice weekend getaway.

What routes are these?  They are New York’s JFK to San Francisco and New York’s JFK to Los Angeles’ LAX.

Each morning you can look at the JFK departures and notice flights very close in times between JFK and LAX on Delta, United, American and Virgin America.   Come June 18th (my birthday by the way) there will be a new competitor on this route.    A young, but established, airline, with a very loyal flyer base, and airline that just brought JFK’s famed TWA terminal back to life (TWA was a pioneer on the non-stop JFK-to-LAX route).

So who is jumping into this market?  JetBlue.

JetBlue, who currently flies between JFK and Burbank deferred its plans to start JFK-LAX last summer, and have no announced they are set to begin scheduled daily service on this route.   JetBlue will not have the same schedule as the ‘big three’ carriers, or Virgin America. Rather than diving straight in, JetBlue is taking a more cautious approach with only two flights per day.

While JetBlue may not take much away from Delta, American or United in regard to business travellers, they will certainly impact Virgin America and the ‘big three’ carriers when it comes to leisure travellers.

While I don’t generally fly transcontinental routes from JFK on a regular basis, and I am somewhat entrenched in flying two of the three ‘big three’ on these routes, I see JetBlue’s entry into this market to be great option. JetBlue’s seats are comfortable, their in-flight entertainment can help any flyer easily pass the hours, and their fares are competitive for both regular flyers and infrequent flyers.

So photogs on both coasts can now explore more options to explore cities on opposite coasts!

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Happy Flying!

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