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31/01/2009 – Travel Adventure Vacations : Amazing Race For Everyone

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of watching a new idea in ‘competitive travel vacations’ move from being a Beta-Concept to a launched company to being something worthy of being written up in National Geographic Traveler.

For those intrepid travellers who are tired of conventional vacations, and who crave the Amazing Race experience; travel junkie and former television producer Steve Belkin created Competitours.

Competitours are designed as an alternative vacation allowing participating teams to compete head to head with each other, while taking in the culture of Europe.   The concept of Competitours is attractive for those seeking to take a blind leap into adventure. As a participant you won’t know where your starting location is until just before you depart and you’ll never know where you headed next until a half-a-day before you move onto the next city in the competition.  Throughout the two-week game (can I call this a VacVenture?) participants will find themselves exploring five to six cities in Central and Western Europe.

What does one have to do during this competition? Participants will need to complete tasks and points are earned by how the tasks are completed.  Teams will need to create video of the tasks, which are then judged on creativity rather than a team’s knack for cinematography.

There are three types of competitions ranging from 8 days to 14 days. Competitors are competing for real prizes. These prizes include luxury hotel stays; airline tickets and cash prize money.

Competitors adventures start at US$2,850 per competitors and include international airfare, hotel lodging and ground transportation.

Sound like the vacation you’ve been looking for to get out, shoot some great photos in Europe, live by the seat of your pants and test your travel skills and knowledge?

Visit Competitours at

Happy Flying!

PS: Flying With Fish is not affiliated in any way with Competitours.   I just think this is a great concept.


  1. Sounds great, but for those that are truly interested in a real mano-mano global travel adventure competition of epic quality and scope…one that will visit 10 countries across 4 contintents over a three week period…and crown The World’s Greatest Travelers…see The Global Scavenger Hunt.…That‘s the place were Steve got his idea from! P –

  2. I was lucky enough to participate in The Global Scavenger Hunt in 04. I had a terrific time and can heatily recommend the trip and their travel savvy and customer-centric management team.

    Obviously, Competitours is more modest in scope- length of trip countries covered, pacing and pricing.

    Whichever trip prospetive traveler decides to choose, they will be well served!

  3. 5 countries in 14 days is pretty fast-paced, but to win you’ll need to be pretty up to speed on the places before you go. I reckon Competitours will be like a master-class – deep-dive learning on specific countries and cultures you’re interested in.

    Sounds like a blast. We’ve sent a writer (not me unfortunately 🙁 ) to document the recent March practice run.

    Check out The Travel’s write up here:

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