JetBlue’s ‘Socially Responsible’ Marketing In A Shrinking Economy

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18/02/2009 – JetBlue’s ‘Socially Responsible’ Marketing In A Shrinking Economy

JetBlue Airways has often been at the forefront of innovative ideas over the past few years.    As JetBlue has grown they have introduced some interesting promotions to keep their customer base expanding and to further their positive public perception among a competitive customer base.

JetBlue’s most recent ‘promotion’, the Promise Program,  is squarely aimed at attracting the business of those facing an unstable job market and the potential to be laid off.   This may seem like an unlikely concept, however this innovative marketing scheme is certain to generate significant free publicity for the airline.

Under the terms of JetBlue’s Promise Program, anyone who books a flight with Jet Blue between February 1st and June 1st, and loses their job on or after February 17th, is eligible for a full refund of their ticket.

JetBlue flyers who lose their jobs during this time can receive a full refund on all fares, including the JetBlue fares that are traditionally non-refundable.   Requests for refunds must be made two weeks prior to the first flight on the itinerary.

If you are planning a vacation as the corporate axe looms at your company, JetBlue might be a good option to explore for your airline travel needs.

For more information on JetBlue’s Promise Program visit:

Happy Flying…and hopefully a happier brighter economic environment!

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