iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Flight Sites

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19/02/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Flight Sites

Some iPhone Apps do not really do much, these Apps are just quick reference Apps for when you have a momentary lapse of ‘what?’ and need a quick reference.   Occasionally these Apps have a ‘B-Side’, which is actually more functional than the primary design of the App.

This week’s iPhone App Of The Week is Flight Sites.    Flight Sites is a straightforward App, it simply lists the web addresses for most major US commercial airlines.   If you are traveling and need to look something up, you can scroll through the menu, find your airline, tap it, and launch to the airline’s web site.

Flight Sites has a ‘hidden’ function.  In the upper right hand corner of the screen there is a click-tab entitled “Search Cities.”  When you click “Search Cities” you are brought to the portal page of Sojern.  Once in this screen you simply type in the name of the city you are in, headed to, or curious about (US cities only at this time) and you are given a list of quick things to do and places to eat.

Sojern is not meant to replace more in depth App’s such as Urbanspoon, or Trip Advisor’s Local Picks, but it is a quick reference, which I have found useful on the road.

With a Apple iTunes store price tag of zip, zilch, nothing, free, it is a nice App to keep in your iPhone for reference, even if you skip the airline links and use it only as quick access to the Sojern portal.

Below are five photos of the Flight Sites App on my iPhone.

Happy Flying!
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