Fish Gets Back To Flying Again…Hopefully For A Long Time To Come!

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23/02/2009 – Fish Gets Back To Flying Again…Hopefully For A Long Time To Come!

A few weeks ago I wrote about taking an unplanned break from work and from travel to cope with some unexpected on going health issues, which I detailed in this post : 19/01/2009 – Where Has Fish Been For The Past 10 Days? No Where Fun.

As my health has continued to teeter up and down, I have been determined to get back to doing what I do…shooting photos, traveling and helping others travel more effectively.  In the past few days it seems as if my Doctor has found an answer to getting me back in the air!  On Friday I was taken off of pills and switched to medication by injection.  This change in medication is not ideal as I am terrified of needles (it is irrational I know, but I just don’t like needles), but after only four days I think I am feeling some improvement!

My ‘improvement’ will be put to the test in a few days when I get back to travelling…hard travelling.   At the end of this week I take off for a 46-hour and 55-minute journey through three cities, in three countries on two continents.   Friday morning I head down to New York City, venture off to Paris, onto Amsterdam and then back to New York.

This trip is not a purely photographic trip, as most of my journeys usually are. This journey is a mix of researching travel logistics and securities for a Travel Strategist client, as well as shooting a short series of cityscape-and-architecture images in both Paris and Amsterdam.

As my health prevented me from racking up enough miles to maintain my ‘elite status’ with Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue program (which will expire at the end of March ’09), I haven’t been so excited to squeeze into a 17.5″ (44.45cm) seat in the back of a plane in a long time!  I’m sure I’ll get enough miles to get my ‘status’ back this year, as long as my health continues to go in the right direction.

During the planning for this week’s trip I have been sorting out various ways I reduce size and space to reduce the weight I carry and maximize the space available to me.  So this week the focus on Flying With Fish will on saving space while packing to travel.

Below is a photo of what should be getting me back in the air again.

Happy Flying…I know I’m happy to go flying again!
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  1. Hope you are feeling better Fish. We miss your travel hints and adventures! I am like you…cabin fever usually sets in within a few days after returning home from a trip.

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