URGENT : Seeking PHL Flyers (those of you who call PHL ‘home’)

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23/02/2009 – URGENT : Seeking PHL Flyers (those of you who call PHL ‘home’)

Have you had an incident with the TSA at PHL?  Filed a complaint with the TSA at PHL?  If so drop me a message.

I have been in contact with a television news show (network TV, not trash TV) that is seeking to speak with PHL flyers that have experienced a problem with the TSA.    Please have had a real problem with the TSA, not a complaint that the TSA wouldn’t let you pass through security with a 20oz bottle of soda, or that they pulled you over for secondary screening when your boarding pass was stamped with SSSS.

I’ve had a serious problem with the TSA stepping well outside the bounds of their authority at PHL, however I am not PHL flyer.

Happy Flying!


  1. Hi
    I live in philly and everytime I visit Philadelphia airport I am disgusted at how rude the TSA are. They made my 6month old infant take off his “booties” , they don’t believe us when they say our stroller doesn’t fit on the belt, and the last time I visited I had a man yell at me to go sit with my stuff and then yell at me to go get the rest of my things and then yell at me when I left one half to go get the other!! PHL is the worst airport I have ever experienced, and certainly the rudest.

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