iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Free Wi-Fi Locator

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19/03/2009 – iPhone ‘App’ Of The Week : Free Wi-Fi Locator

We live in a wired and connected world.  As travellers we use the internet for everything, directions, checking flights, finding a place to eat dinner, current exchange rates, even watching streaming video for entertainment.

The problem being on the road is that often we cannot find wifi when we need it, which is why I have found this week’s iPhone App Of The Week to be an important part of my travel took kit. ‘Free Wi-Fi Locator’ does exactly what its name says it does.

This iPhone App does not ‘sniff’ out open wifi sources, it simply finds your location then gives you the address of the nearest free wifi to your location. I have used this to find free wifi right next door to a hotel I was in that had paid wifi and used it in airports to find the free wifi in certain lounges, as well as while out and about with the need to access the internet for business.

‘Free Wi-Fi Locator’ is an essential part of using my iPhone on the road, and with a price tag of FREE why isn’t it on your iPhone right now?

Below are four screen shots of ‘Free Wi-Fi Locator’ from my iPhone

Happy Flying!
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  1. hey Steve, you’re right in my wife’s ‘hood, she grew up in East Lyme, right up from the high school…nice to know there’s a Panera Bread there now…

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