Amsterdam/Schiphol International Airport Dimmed Their Lights For Earth Hour…Did You?

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28/03/2009 – Amsterdam/Schiphol International Airport Dimmed Their Lights For Earth Hour…Did You?

Today at 8:30pm (local time) millions of people, business and town switched off their lights for an hour to celebrate Earth Hour in an effort to converse energy.

Should we conserve energy every day?  Yes, however sometimes we need a reminder, and Earth Hour is an excellent global reminder of our need to conserve energy and help save the environment we live in. Tonight at 8:30pm The Sydney Opera House went dark, the Golden Gate Bridge went black, Toronto’s CN tower flipped off its lights, the Eiffel Tower looming over the City of Lights created a visual void in the sky, every Golden Arches sign through Australia pulled the plug…and Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport (AMS) turned off all the secondary lights at the major international airport.

Amsterdam/Schiphol is one of the most environmentally friendly airports in the world. The airports primary airline, KLM, is also a leader in the commercial airline industry with seeking out environmentally sound options.  Tonight, with Earth Hour approaching I knew the airport would be participating in this worldwide environmental event.

Standing outside the airport moments before 8:30pm I shot a few photos of the control tower with the orange haze in the clouds, created by all the ambient light surrounding the airport. Moments after 8:30pm I shot the same photo with the sky behind the control tower completely black.

At Amsterdam/Schiphol the lights in the bus stop overhangs and the entrance awnings were turned off and the interior roadway lights along the ramp area were turn off just as I had anticipated. The baggage cart collection crews even stopped using a motorized cart-pusher, switching to collecting and moving carts by hand for the hour.

While an airport cannot go dark and the terminal lights must stay on, for many obvious reasons, it was nice to see so many ‘secondary’ lights turned off and the airport participate in Earth Hour.

Below are six photos I shot during Earth Hour at AMS.

Happy Flying!
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Moments Before AMS Flipped Off The Lights

Moments After AMS Flipped Off The Lights

The Bus Stop Overhangs Went Dark

The Motorized Cart Collection Pushers Were Turned Off

AMS’ Entranceway Awning Lights Were Turned Off

The Interior Roadway Lights At AMS Went Dark



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